Financial imbalances will endure the 2018 US economy

Financial imbalances including those in credit markets and the crypto currency will overshadow the US economy that will strengthen in 2018, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. economist Jan Hatzius said in a statement released by Bloomberg on Sunday (31/12). [19659002] Hatzius has made some predictions for the new year, four interest rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve, the growth of real gross domestic product that is so fast that it reaches about 2.6%, the decline in unemployment to around 3.5% and not there are signs of risks.

In a new report, Hatzius repeated his hopes for a better overall economy, despite some concerns.

"Asset valuations in some areas, especially in credit, have risen to levels high by historical standards, "Hatzius said in a report on" 10 Questions in the Year 2018 "issued Last Friday (29/12).

"Although we have not yet seen the kind of big credit expansion that will be particularly worrisome to the American Central Bank's official financial imbalances, there are now some signs of speculative behavior in financial markets, such as crypto currency spikes. "

Goldman Sachs is not the only company to deliver warnings about crypto currency.

Previously, JPMorgan Chase & Co. officials Jamie Dimon calls bitcoin "fraud". US Central Bank President Janet Yellen said bitcoin was a "highly speculative asset", while Central Bank Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said bitcoin was used for speculation. Goldman Sachs also reported setting up the crypto currency trading department.

On the positive side, Hatzius said, the housing sector for families will begin to rise further as demand and supply imbalances continue to compete, despite adverse changes from newly signed tax legislation law by President Donald Trump.

Wage growth in America will improve with the waning of statistical distortions, and there is "evidence that high-income households have tried to delay wage increases in the hope of obtaining lower tax rates," where this could hold some wage data until now, Hatzius said. He added, core inflation will also increase from the current 1.5%. The price of imported goods burdening personal consumption expenditures (PCE) will turn into a boost in the coming year. [em/al]

US Congress Library Will Not Gather All Tweets

The United States Library of Congress says it will not collect every tweet published on Twitter as it has done for 12 years.

The library said this week it can no longer collect all tweets across social media platforms because Twitter allows tweets, long pictures and videos.

It said in a blog post this week that the original purpose of collecting and filing tweets was "documenting the emergence of online social media for future generations." The Library says it has fulfilled that purpose and no longer needs to be a "comprehensive" tweet gatherer.

The Library of Congress says it will still collect and archive tweets in the future, but will do so more selectively. It said "tweets collected and archived will be thematic and related to events, including events such as elections, or themes of national interest, such as public policy."

The library says it generally does not collect the media comprehensively, exceptions to public tweets at the time the social media platform was first developed.

The Library of Congress says it will keep archived previous tweets from 2006-2017 to help people understand the rise of social media and illustrate the public atmosphere during that time. "Throughout its history, the Library has taken the opportunity to collect photographs of unique moments in human history and preserve them for future generations," he said.

"Twitter archives can be one of the most important legacies for future generations, who will learn much about the the rich in history, the flow of information, and the social and political forces that help determine the present generation, "he explained. [sp/ii]

New York's Crystal Ball for the New Year

The tradition has lasted over a hundred years. The first celebration took place at midnight on December 31, 1907 with a balloon falling down over the crowd. Now, it is impossible for New Yorkers and those watching on television around the world to imagine New Year's Eve without the famous ball consisting of more than two and a half thousand crystal panels and 32 thousand light-emitting diodes.

The first ball weighed over 300 kilograms and measuring 1.5 meters. Currently, the ball is more than 3 feet in diameter and weighs more than five tons. Each year the ball is a special theme.

The Times Square Society chairman Tim Tompkins says, "This year, Waterford's crystal ball themed" Peace and tranquility "after 2017, filled with anger and hardship, is a theme we think very suited to the needs when we enter the year 2018. "

The crystal panels for the giant ball were traditionally produced by the Irish crystal company, Waterford. Their craftsmen are on site and are working to install panels, based on a draft that illustrates this New Year's theme.

Tom Brennan, crafter from the Waterford crystal company says, "As seen here, we celebrate the gift of serenity … When viewed closely, there will be interconnected butterflies such as dancing in unison and perfect, for us is about us as individuals, as the best human beings as much as possible at any time. "

The fall of the ball at midnight is only part of the party. More than a million dollars were spent on security and entertainment for this event, which was watched in the world.

The head of the entertainment show at the turn of the year, Jeff Strauss said, "We have an amazing schedule of events this year. will light up and raise the Waterford crystal ball in Times Square, accompanied by the 'Dragon Dance' of Chongqing, China and remarkable musical performances. "

In addition to the one million visitors expected to see New Year's celebrations in Times Square, 175 million more people will watch television broadcasts not only in the US, but around the world, while one and a half tons of confetti (colorful pieces of paper) will be scattered over the crowd at midnight in the turn of the year. [ps/al]

Some Police Cut Shoot in Colorado

Several police officers were reportedly "wounded" exposed to gunfire while conducting an investigation into an active gunman in the state of Colorado on Sunday (31/12).

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office said it was responding to reports of commotion in Sunday morning (31/12) in the town of Littleton, when there were a number of gunfire explosions

"In the investigation, there were a number of gunfire and several police officers were injured. Not yet known the condition of injuries suffered by police and civilians. Avoid this area, "the Sheriff's department's cuit said via Twitter.

The Sheriff's office issued a" red-code "or" very vigilant "warning to the surrounding area, and advised locals to stay indoors and stay away from windows. [em/al]

May Protest but Not Use Violence

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has finally spoken out about anti-government demonstrations. Rouhani says it's okay to protest but must avoid violence.

"People are free to criticize the government and conduct demonstrations, but demonstrations must be done in such a way as to improve the situation in this country and their lives," said Rouhani, quoted by Reuters on Monday (1/1/2018) 19659002] "Keep in mind, criticism is different from the violence that damages government facilities," he continued.

Demonstration in Iran lasts for three days. The government of Iran asserted that the police did not fire during the protests

"Unfortunately in this riot, two residents of Dorud were killed, no bullets fired by police, military or security forces directed at the residents," said Deputy Governor of the Province of Lorestan Iran, Habibollah Khojastehpour, in a television show as quoted by AFP on Sunday (31/12/2017).

The demo is now spreading to various regions and being a protest against the government.

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