Emerging Video 2 Iranian anti-government protesters shot dead

Anti-government protests in Iran have entered the third day. A video showing two demonstrators lying motionless.

Quoted from Reuters Sunday (31/12/2017), a video was uploaded to social media from west of Dorud city. In the video there are two young men lying bloody and motionless.

"I will kill anyone who kills my brother," said someone recorded in the video.

confirmed the authenticity of the video. Until now the protests continue.

Protests to the government in Iran began in Mashhad on Thursday (28/12). They expressed their anger to the government because of the high price of the goods, and expressed their anger towards President Hassan Rouhani. Fifty-two people were arrested for shouting 'loud slogans'.

Protests then spread to other areas in northern Iran. At some point developed into anti-government demonstrations, calling for the release of political prisoners and the cessation of police beatings.

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Following the Anti-Government Demo Action, Iran Blocks Social Media

 The aftermath of a prolonged anti-government protest, Iran blocked social media. But this blocking is temporary.

AFP launches, one of the reasons Iran blocked social media is because it was scattered video depicting 2 demonstrators killed on Sunday (31/12/2017).

The local Interior Minister also warned the demonstrators would 'pay' for what is spread on social media about massive action.

Meanwhile Reuters states, Iran's reasons for temporarily blocking social media is to control the protests. Iranian television quoted a source related to the blockade.

The social media blocked include Instagram and Telegram. But there has been no announcement until when the blocking took place.

Mass action in Iran lasted since Thursday (28/12) which began protest against the price increase. The action then quickly spread to various parts of the region and the issue grew into the anti-government of Iran.
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New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Have Welcomed 2018

New Zealand, Australia and the surrounding Pacific islands are among the first places to welcome the coming of 2018 with fireworks, parties and other celebrations.

Nearly one and a half million people gathered to watch the rainbow show fire over the iconic Harbor Bridge and opera house in Sydney, Australia, while the country celebrates the legalization of gay marriage.

Hours earlier, thousands of people took to the streets of Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, for annual street parties and flower show fire in the Sky Tower.

In preparation for celebrations, hundreds of thousands of law enforcement, military and security officials are deployed in cities around the world to safeguard the presence of new year's eve celebrations as they welcome 2018.

In Australia, one of the first places welcomed the arrival of the new year, officials said police would be deployed on land, d i air and at sea as part of the country's largest security operation.

Police in Melbourne last month arrested a priya who planned to shoot audiences celebrating New Year's Eve.

In the United States, New York City officials announced they will use two-way filtration, snipers, road closures and specially trained dogs to secure Times Square when approximately 2 million people gather to watch the annual ball show that goes down at midnight. [gp]

Comment on Demos in Iran, Trump: Finally the Citizens are Wise

 Anti-government demonstrations in Iran have entered the third day. United States President Donald Trump also commented on his Twitter account

"The big protests in Iran The citizens are finally wise as they know their money and welfare are stolen and wasted on terrorism," writesTrumplewatakunTwitter @realDonaldTrump, Sunday (31 / 12/2017).

Demos in Iran begin on Thursday (28/12) local time. The action began in the city of Mashhad beginning with a protest of rising prices.

The action then spread to various regions. Finally, a video shows 2 demonstrators lying in blood and said to be the victims of the shooting. The Iranian government later denied that the shootings were carried out by police or by local security officials.

"It seems that they (Iranians) will not linger any longer, the United States will monitor very closely if there is human rights abuses," writes Trump [19659005] Trump has also commented on Iran several times. He even called the Iranian people a choice.

"The oppressive regime will not last forever, and the day will come where the Iranians make choices. Trump said, the whole world understands that the Iranian people want change.

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Panoramic Hold of Panama-flagged Vessel

South Korea has detained a Panamanian-flagged vessel suspected of transferring oil products to a North Korean vessel that violates UN sanctions, according to a report on Sunday.

The 5,100-tonne KOTI ship was detained two weeks ago at the port Pyeongtaek-Dangjin, South Korea, and his crew are being investigated on charges of transferring cargo from ship to ship, Yonhap news agency quoted local maritime officials as saying.

This is the second such arrest reported in recent days. The South Korean government announced Friday that it was holding back briefly and inspecting the Hong Kong-flagged vessel in November for transferring oil products to a North Korean ship.

The Panama tanker was banned from leaving the port after a government meeting on December 21, the report said. His crew – mostly from Myanmar and China – are being questioned by the customs office and intelligence services.

"The ship is being examined on allegations of relations with North Korea," a government official said, according to Yonhap.

The authorities have not confirmed the report.

The Lighthouse Winmore flagship of Hong Kong, which was chartered by a Taiwan company, was detained in Yeosu harbor in South Korea in November for allegedly transferring clean oil products to Sam Jong 2 North Korea.

has imposed three sets of sanctions against North Korea this year in a bid to halt nuclear testing and ballistic missiles. [gp]