This Muslim Women Berhijab This Challenge Putin in Russian Elections

 Vladimir Putin has a new rival candidate in the 2018 presidential election. His opponent is Aina Gamzatova, a decorated Muslim from Dagestan.

Gamzatova (46) has declared himself to advance in the Russian presidential election in March 2018. Gamzatova is a native of Dagestan which is a region with a Muslim majority.

The declaration is very simple indeed, only through Facebook. However, the declaration was greeted by hundreds of supporters in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan. His supporters gathered in the streets of the city to celebrate.

Reported by Aljazeera, Gamzatova has the capital to advance in the presidential election. He is the head of Russia's largest Muslim media group, The group's business line consists of TV, radio, newspapers, publishers of Islamic books. The group also has regular social activities.

Gamzatova's husband, Akhmad Abdulaev, a mufti in Dagestan. Abdulaev is the second husband of Gamzatova. As for his first husband Said Muhammad Abubakarov, died in 1998 in a car bomb explosion in Dagestan.

Can Can Be Defeated Putin?

How is the Gamzatova opportunity? To defeat Putin is convinced it is very difficult. Putin, who has been a top official in Russia since the late 90s, has a mass base in various parts of Russia.

Zakir Magomedov, a popular blogger in Dagestan, calls Gamzatova's chance of winning in 2018 presidential election into an impossible category. "It's too silly to discuss it seriously," he said. However, according to Magomedov, Gamzatova will reap significant votes in Dagestan and the North Caucasus.
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