US will not change Afghanistan-related strategy

US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan said there was no change in US-related Afghan policy after Monday (29/1) President Donald Trump ruled out the possibility of negotiating with the Taliban. It said Trump responded to a sharp rise in Taliban and other terrorist attacks against civilians.

A few days after the Taliban claimed responsibility for civilian casualties, President Donald Trump said Monday that the United States did not want to negotiate with the rebel group .

"Innocent people are murdered everywhere. Bombing in the middle of the kids, in the midst of the family. Bombings, assassinations, across Afghanistan. Therefore, America does not want to negotiate with the Taliban, "said Trump.

A day later in Kabul, US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan confirmed to the Afghan government on America's ongoing commitment to Afghanistan.

" The President did not announce a policy change, due to American policy-based conditions. The President has only responded to the heinous terrorist attacks that have occurred in recent weeks. American policy and support for partners in Afghanistan will continue until the Taliban are willing to negotiate a peaceful settlement. The policy is still in effect, "Sullivan said.

Afghan Presidential spokesman Ashran Ghani, Hussain Murtazawi, told the VOA that the Afghan government is now forced to respond to the attacks on the battlefield, not on the negotiating table.

recent attacks by the Taliban in Kabul and other provinces have violated the red line.The Afghan government, at the request of the people, religious scholars and politicians, feels obliged to use all means and possibilities to confront terrorists, "said Murtazawi. [19659003TalibanspokesmenonTuesdayaccusedtheUnitedStatesofwantingtoextenditsoccupationofAfghanistanandthatTrumpandhiswarlikesupporterswillgetasimilarreactionnotthe"roses"oftheTaliban[ds]

Many Parties Hope Trump Shown as a Unifying figure of the Night

There is an interesting democratic ritual in America at the beginning of each year, when the president presents his evaluation and policy outline to the public. Initially this policy is more for the citizens of the country, but now the policy of the number one person in America is also eagerly awaited the citizens of the world.

"Presidency this time is unusual, so we must see the context of this speech."

says EJ Dionne, government science expert and chairman of the "W. Averell Harriman Institute," a leading body at Columbia University focusing on the study of governmental science and issues of Russia, Eurasia and Eastern Europe.

The context Dionne refers to was in America when President Trump delivered a speech late on Tuesday, overshadowed by an investigation into the potential for Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, immigration issues, a wall-building plan along the southern border of America, and controversial policies outside the United States, of the Paris Climate Treaty and recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In a discussion at the Brookings Institute earlier this week, EJ Dionne jokingly cites reports on radio and television that openly terminate the term "state of union address," or state speech, into "state of the investigation," or a speech on investigation.

"See how the media, especially the radio I hear today, say 'we now see state of the investigation' referring to Robert Mueller's investigation of the close circle of President Trump, whose popularity continues to decline, it will be long before the election will take place It is clear that the state speech this time not only aims to describe policy, but also politically charged, "said Dionne.

Watch: What is meant by SOTU?

But Camille Busette, who is also director of "Race, Prosperity & Inclusion Institute" is not sure President Trump will talk much about the diver "The Mueller investigation has overshadowed almost every presidential policy agenda, but I doubt the president will speak about it in his speech," he said.

John Hudak, a government science expert who is also Deputy Director of the Center for Effective Public Management "is more likely to expect the president to appear as a unifier, and no longer speak for one's interests.

John says," The president must speak publicly not with a divisive tone, nor as a person who survives being investigated, as someone who has a problem to articulate different views on an issue. He had to speak to the widespread American voters who, for the past year, seemed hard to reach. He must speak no in the position of president for the past year but more as president for the next three years. This means he has to deliver a speech with different rhetoric, ideas and approaches; not only for the whole of America, but also for his own party. "

John Hudak further said that it was time for the president to show that he could talk and understand the issues facing women, American blacks, immigrant groups and countries who has been feeling the impact of his policies in the first year of government.

Infographics: Who will succeed the US President if there is a deadly attack?

In addition to Americans, the world is also looking forward to Trump's policies on various issues, denuclearization of North Korea, violence in Afghanistan, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, territorial dispute in the South China Sea etc.

President Trump is scheduled to deliver a speech at 9 pm this evening. [em/al]

Supporters of Human Rights Concerned about Possible Opening of US Military Relations and Kopassus

Human rights advocates are concerned about possible links between the American military and the Indonesian special forces that were once linked to human rights abuses in East Timor, Aceh and Papua.

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis stated he would exploring the reopening of relations with Kopassus, although this can not be done now because of Leahy's Law sponsored by US Senator Vermont Patrick Leahy, a Democrat member, who states that the State Department and the US military are prohibited from assisting any foreign forces that have violated "The assistance of the United States will give legitimacy, and that legitimacy should emerge from respect for justice and human rights," said Senator Leahy.

"The question that the Minister of Defense Mattis needs to answer is whether the Indonesian government has punish the commanding officers of Kopassus and me "All Leagues including the United States have a moral duty to make our world better," said Andreas Harsono, a senior researcher [

Human Rights Watch Indonesia.

Andreas denounced the possibility of resumption of the partnership by writing that "restoring aid to Kopassus is equivalent to giving a present to Indonesia without the country having to do anything."

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis visits to Indonesia last week and was greeted with fascinating performances by Indonesian troops, who drank snake blood, walked on fire, rolled over glass shards, and performed a rescue show hostage to music accompaniment from the film "Mission Impossible."

History of Kopassus

Kopassus, short for Special Forces Command s, was established in 1952 and its activities include unconventional war, sabotage, counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, and intelligence activities. Kopassus earned a bad name for its violations in East Timor during the Indonesian occupation there, which ended in 1999 and in the 1998 racial riots in Jakarta, when Kopassus was involved in the killing and violence against Chinese Indonesians. Kopassus was the most prominent in the dictatorship of Suharto, who was ousted in 1998, and his prestige has declined in the present democracy.

"His status is certainly still prestigious, but it is much different from his position during Suharto's New Order," said John Sulaiman, "If there is normalization of relations with the United States, Kopassus commanders may be of paramount importance," he added.

"The big question is whether the US Senate will allow it, because Kopassus will not may apologize or be held accountable for what happened in East Timor, "Sulaiman said. "It is difficult to know what will happen, because the decision is on the side of the United States, not Indonesia."

Indonesian Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu expressed hope that America should lift sanctions against Kopassus, imposed on human rights abuses in East Timor the country's independence struggle in the 1990s.

"Sanctions have long been imposed on Kopassus. . . Mattis will try to pull it out, "Ryacudu said last week.

" One of the sanctions is obviously that they are not allowed to go to America. They can not do the exercises together, but Mattis will open this cooperation again, "he added.

Mattis told reporters in Jakarta that the United States would take the" ordinary procedure "to consider re-opening relations with Kopassus.

American-Indonesian Relations

Mattis's visit to Indonesia came after his strategy announcement to strengthen partnership with foreign military as a bulwark against Russian and Chinese forces. But Indonesia is unlikely to take sides between America and China.

Although lately Indonesia has responded strongly to the South China Sea problem, it is due more to its own sovereign interests than the geopolitics of the superpowers. Even since the establishment of the Non-Aligned Movement during the Cold War era, Indonesia has strived not to form an official partnership with superpowers like the United States.

"Why is Indonesia cautious about its relationship with China? Of course because of economic problems, "said Arbi Sanit, a political scientist at the University of Indonesia. "China's investment in Indonesia continues to increase, so this is always considered," he said.

Indonesia's exports to China and America are roughly the same, $ 16 billion, but Indonesia imports far more than China, $ 30.1 billion and $ 7, 3 billion from America. China is the number one trading partner for Indonesia in import and export volume.

"In the meantime," Sanit said, "American power has declined in Southeast Asia and they want to change it. . . But I think what Indonesia will continue to prioritize in foreign policy is an independent attitude – towards ASEAN, against China, and also to the United States, "he said. [gp/ii]

Amazon will expand into the Healthcare Sector

Amazon enters the healthcare sector in partnership with Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathway and JPMorgan Chase bank, to form a company that helps American workers obtain quality healthcare at sensible prices.

The third company leader, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, and Jamie Dimon, on Tuesday (30/1) gave little details and said the plan is still in its infancy.

"The ever-rising cost of health services is like a tapeworm that sucks the American economy," Buffett said in a written statement. "

" Our group does not enter this sector by bringing the answer to the problems that exist. But we do not see the problem as unavoidable, "Buffett added.

The company will be independent and" free from incentives and restraints make profits. "Added, the company's first focus is technology that provides simplified, quality service high and transparent.

It is unclear whether the ultimate goal includes the expansion of the ambitious project from only three companies, but Jamie Dimon says, "Our goal is to create solutions that benefit our employees, their families, and perhaps, all Americans .

Shares of healthcare companies fell sharply in early Tuesday trade, with the emergence of new entity threats to the way healthcare is being paid and fulfilled in America.

The need for solutions to the healthcare crisis in America is intense. 151 million non-seniors, health insurance sponsored by the company will be the largest share in the health insurance market in the United States.

The healthcare costs that companies borne typically rise faster than inflation and ingest a larger portion of the company's budget. Therefore, companies raise the costs that employees and their families have to pay for health care, which is greatly felt by Americans.

According to the Kaiser Family nonprofit foundation, last year only 50 percent of companies with three to 49 employees offered health insurance, down from 66 percent a decade ago. Healthcare laws require all companies with 50 or more employees to provide health insurance to employees. [ds/ka]

Democrats Tuding Trump Policy Breaches American Promise

Democratic lawmaker Joe Kennedy says the administration of President Donald Trump is not only targeting laws protecting Americans but also targeting the understanding that all Americans are entitled to protection.

Delivering minority party responses to the President's state address Tuesday night ( 30/1), Kennedy said millions of Americans are restless, angry and anxious during the first year of the Trump administration. He said the president had made the Department of Justice reverse progress on the civil rights achieved by colored people and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, and divide the American people.

The audience of Kennedy's speeches in Diman The Regional Technical School in Fall River, Massachusetts, paid special tribute to standing when Kennedy said the Trump government had launched an attack on the American promise, a belief that asserts that all Americans are valuable, equal and contribute.

Affirming the Democratic Party's slogan, "A Better Deal," the late grandson of senator Robert F. Kennedy, said the Democrats would fight for better wages, childcare and affordable educational opportunities and compassionate health services, and voiced the same with Trump's speech related to fair trade agreements and infrastructure improvements. [19659002] Kennedy again received a rousing welcome when promising that the Democrats will try to protect some 1.8 million illegal immigrants their parents brought as children, often called Dreamers of deportation possibilities. "You are part of our story. We will fight for you. We will not leave you, "he said. [ab/uh]