Human Rights Activist Slams Step Trump Defends Guantanamo Prison

Rights groups denounced President Donald Trump's decision to defend US military prison at Guantanamo, Cuba

"I keep my promise," Trump said in a speech to Congress on Tuesday (30/1) after signing the executive order. The move canceled a presidential decree containing a plan for closure of the facility, issued by President Barack Obama in 2009.

Trump says such facilities are important to ensure America has all the forces necessary to hold terrorists in the fight against ISIS and al-Qaeda.

According to a new presidential decree, America can transport additional prisoners to the Guantanamo Bay Navy Base if it is legal and necessary to protect the country. "The order also calls for Defense Minister Jim Mattis to draft a 90-day policy on how to handle and move people arrested in connection with an armed conflict.

Noor Zafar of the Center for Constitutional Rights, who has represented Guantanamo detainees in federal court, told the VOA this is another anti-Muslim rhetoric and Islamic phobia that he uses to instigate a support base Trum.

Zafar who wants the prison to be closed d detained or freed, said the president's view of who was classified as a terrorist was explicitly and clearly based on a person's religious and ethnic identity.

He compared Trump's different reaction to violence in Las Vegas in August 2017 with an attack on New York in October 2017. In Las Vegas, then, a white man killed dozens of people and wounded hundreds of people watching a music festival. While in New York in October 2017, a Muslim man killed eight people and wounded dozens of others by crashing a truck on bike lanes and on foot. The man was a supporter of ISIS.

Noor Zafar said, "If it was a violent white man, there was no call to call himself a terrorist. But if it's a colored or Muslim, it will soon be branded as a terrorist, and the president will deprive all of his constitutional rights and send him to Guantanamo. "

" I think it shows bad intentions and disguised President Trump's intentions, " he added.

During the Trump campaign he said he wanted to defend Guantanamo and fill it with the bad guys. [ps/jm]

Train Members of US Republican Congress Hit Truck, 1 Killed

One person was killed when a train carrying several Republican congressmen en route to a place in West Virginia, from Washington DC, collided with a garbage truck in Virginia on Wednesday (31/1).

The White House said members of Congress and their staff were not seriously injured. The death toll was a passenger in a truck.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is also on the same train, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is not in the group, Congressmen said.

Jason Lewis, one of the congressmen, was taken to the local hospital for an examination because of a collision in the head. "I'm fine, compared to the truck driver, and thankful for the immediate action by the doctor and first responder," Lewis told Reuters.

Bradley Byrne, another congressman uploaded on Twitter that he and his wife Rebecca were not injured . "The train that took Republicans to the resort collided, but Rebecca and I were fine. Security and doctors on the train are helping secure the crash site and treating the injured. "

The collision occurred about 32 miles outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. [ps/jm]

Vietnam Football Team's Achievement Fans Scandal 'Bikini Flight'

Ten years after the Vietnam Football Federation reached an agreement with top English football club Arsenal FC and opened Hoang Anh Gia Lai Academy, the Vietnamese team shot from an unexpected botot position to second place in the U-23 Asian Cup tournament . Vietnam (19659002) Two days after the January 27 match in Changzhou, China, covered with snow, the Civil Aviation Authority of Viet Nam (CAC) imposed a fine against Vietjet of 44 million Dong Vietnam or about $ 2,000 , due to the entertainment during the flight that took home the Vietnam football team, including the performances of bikini women.

The women appeared in social media, as did the young footballers. Vietnam is traditionally a simple society, not happy about it. Most people judge the footballers who wear the country's red and yellow uniforms when competing, are the representatives of their country in an international match.

When issuing fines on bikini shows, the CAC said that although the show did not endanger the safety of the VietJet flight, "The potential threat of salvation."

"In my opinion, the reason is very unconvincing," Vo Van Tao, Vietnam's top businessman told VOA Vietnamese. "Salvation has nothing to do with performances and bikini models."

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, the VietJet CEO and first Vietnam billionaire apologized for the incident and said the show during the flight happened spontaneously and excluding the reward program.

CAC unmoved and still fined a VietJet executive and flight attendant worth 4 million Vietnamese Dong ($ 176) for 'failing to tell the captain "of the incident. [ps/jm/fw]