Hope Hicks, a close adviser to Donald Trump, resigns

The cascade of departures to the White House continues: Hope Hicks, a close adviser to Donald Trump, announced Wednesday, February 28, his resignation. The 29-year-old, who had joined the real estate mogul's campaign very early and without any political experience, had been the director of communications since September.

Discrete in the media – she refused systematically requests for interviews – but influential behind the scenes, this former model, who had worked for Ivanka Trump in New York, had the ear of the president who has – noticeable – ever issued the slightest reservation about him. "I have no words to express my gratitude to President Trump," she said without further details on the reasons for her sudden departure, just over a year after the government came to power.

This resignation comes after the young woman's in-camera hearing in Congress in the context of the Russian case that poisons Donald Trump's presidency. According to the American press, she admitted that her work at the White House had sometimes pushed her to say "innocent lies". But she would have said she had never lied when she was questioned about the Russian affair.

Sarah Sanders, spokeswoman for the US executive, assured that there was no connection between these two events. The exact date of Hope Hicks' departure has not been fixed, but it should be "in the coming weeks," according to the executive. The post of director of communication is traditionally less exposed than that of spokesman, which is the real face of the daily life of the American executive. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, 35, has held it since Sean Spicer's departure in July.

Significant Turnover

Sign of Major Rotation on the Trump Team, Hope Hicks Was the Fourth Person to Be Occupied this function. The latest, Anthony Scaramucci, a colorful character, had made a lightning break in this role.

His name is added to the very long list of senior officials or close advisers to Mr. Trump who decided to leave or were thanked: Tom Price, Minister of Health, Steve Bannon (former strategic advisor), Reince Priebus (former Secretary General of the White House), Sean Spicer (former spokesperson) or Michael Flynn (former National Security Advisor)

"Hope is outstanding and did a great job," said the US president commenting on his resignation. "She is smart, fine, really good," he added, saying he was confident that he would work with her again in the future. With him, it is all the hard core of the Trump administration who paid a very strong tribute to the young woman.

"Hope Hicks is loved and admired by all who know her", has outbid Ivanka Trump on Twitter. "I love you and I will miss you," said Kellyanne Conway, a close adviser to the president. As for Sarah Sanders, she tweeted in the evening that "no one can fill the void that Hope Hicks leaves behind". John Kelly, Secretary General of the White House, insisted on his maturity. "She has served her country with a lot of class," he added.

His name appeared in one of the latest scandals that rocked the White House: the departure of Rob Porter, another advisor to Mr. Trump, accused by his ex-women of physical assault and abuse psychological. Hope Hicks having a romantic relationship with Rob Porter, many observers had questioned his role in the initial response of the White House, which had praised the latter even while he was accused of serious facts by his former wives.

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USA: Financial regulator looks at business loans from Jared Kushner's family

The Financial Services Regulator of New York (DFS) has asked three banks for information on loans related to the real estate business of the family of Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of President Donald Trump was learned Wednesday, February 28 from a source close to the file. DFS boss Maria Vullo sent letters last week to Deutsche Bank, Signature Bank and New York Community Bank, asking for details of the various loans or financial arrangements made or requested by Kushner, the company said. source to AFP

She gave them until March 5 to respond. The DFS services refused to comment on this information, as did Deutsche Bank, which granted millions of dollars in loans to the Kushners.

"We have not received a copy of any letter from the Financial Services Regulator. New York State, "a spokesman for Kushner Companies told AFP. He added: "Our company is a multi-billion dollar company and extremely financially sound.Before the voluntary resignation of our CEO ( Jared Kushner ) to serve our country, we never had received such a request.This type of request appears as harassment for political reasons. "

On Wednesday evening, the New York Times stated that Kushner Companies had received large loans from the Apollo Global Management Fund. and Citigroup Bank, after Jared Kushner received representatives of the two American groups in the White House.

Jared Kushner reportedly met with Joshua Harris, one of the founders of Apollo, several times in 2017 and He reportedly spoke with him about a post at the White House, which he never got off the hook, according to the newspaper that quotes several anonymous sources. In November 2017, the fund would have authorized a loan of $ 184 million to Kushner Companies, "one of the largest received last year," says the New York Times.

The son-in-law of the president would also have met the Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat in the spring of 2017 shortly before Kushner Companies receives another $ 325 million loan.

In the spotlight

Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump's husband , has become a pillar of the White House since the arrival of his father-in-law to the presidency of the United States. A graduate of Harvard and New York University in law, he took the reins of the family business before announcing in January 2017, just before his appointment as top advisor to the new US president, that he was retiring

While Jared Kushner voluntarily left high-level positions in more than 200 entities related to his family's real estate empire, he retains shares in most of these companies, likely to earn income, according to documents released by the White House in April 2017. This is not the first time that Kushner, which owns real estate assets in the states of New York and New Jersey, among others,

In May 2017, she apologized for mentioning Jared Kushner during a presentation of one of her projects to Chinese investors, in a possible sprain conflict of interest rules.

Various US regulators, including the New York State Attorney, have recently requested information from the Kushner family and their business partners, according to the US press. At the end of December, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, New York, asked Deutsche Bank for information on the former headquarters of the New York Times acquired in 2015 for $ 296 million by the Kushner following a line of credit granted by the bank. According to the New York Times,

Requests from regulators to institutions doing business with the Kushner are independent of the investigation by the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller into Russian interference in the 2016 US election. December financial documents to Deutsche Bank on his business relations with Donald Trump's family empire.

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