4 bodies allegedly North Korea found decomposing on Yamagata Beach

Four bodies were recovered near a ship carried by drifting ashore on the shore of Yamagata Prefecture. Allegedly the four corpses are North Korean (Korut).

This was said by the Japan Coast Guard Officer as reported by Japan Today, Monday (25/12/2017). The incident found the four bodies on Sunday (24/12) at around 08:40 am local time.

Fuji TV reported, bodies were found passersby in the region. The bodies were among the rocks near an old wooden boat that had drifted ashore in Tsuruoka City.

According to the coast guard, the boat was in ruins. Later, the corpse had shown signs of decay and their sex could not be identified.

It is estimated that their dead time has been long enough. No identity card found anywhere near the location.

Throughout the year 2017, there have been occasional shipwrecks found in North Korean wooden boats and oscillated to the waters of Japan.

(rna / bag)

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