The Tragic Story of the Newlyweds Killed in the Grand Canyon at Honeymoon

 Honeymoon is expected to be a romantic moment even lead to death for the couple Jon Udall (32) and Ellie Milward (29). Both were victims in a helicopter crash at the Grand Canyon.

The incident happened on Monday (12/2). Jon along with Ellie became one of the British passengers who boarded a helicopter for a scenic tour. Both were on their honeymoon after being married last year. In total there are six British citizens who are in the helicopter.

As many as four people were killed in the incident, one of them was Jon. He was caught in the wreckage of a helicopter crash for eight hours with Ellie. Jon and Ellie were found by the officers and immediately taken to the hospital.

Jon's condition is critical to finally breathed his last on Thursday (22/2) evening local time. While Ellie suffered injuries.

"With a very heavy heart I have to say this.Our good friend Jon Udall has left us, he is strong and courageous I never forget him," said colleague Jon, Chris Tucker, as reported by The Telegraph on Friday (23 / 2/2018).

In addition to Jon, other dead victims namely Jason, Stuart Hill and Becky Dobson. Until now the cause of the accident is still unknown. But Allen Kenitzer of the Office of Communications of the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), told AFP that the helicopter had suffered "major damage" after falling.
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UN calls for ceasefire, aid for East Ghouta

Russia objected on Thursday to a draft UN resolution that would impose a 30-day ceasefire in Syria and open a siege in eastern Ghouta City.

At a Security Council meeting held at the request of Moscow, The Great Russia rejects the proposed ceasefire and dispatch of aid, as well as large-scale medical evacuation for that reason is impossible.

Read: UN Secretary General calls for ceasefire in East Ghouta [19659002] "Here what we need is not symbolism, not just a decision, but action taken in accordance with the reality on the ground," Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia told parliament. "

Nebenzia criticized media coverage of military operations in the beleaguered enclave of eastern Ghouta, as" severe psychosis "and said there was a campaign to tarnish Syria and Russia. As before, he again accused the first responders of a civil society known as the White Helmets as a group close to the terrorists and took part in a campaign to disseminate misinformation. [as/al]

US Wants to Revoke Citizenship 5 Child Sexual Abuse Harassers

The US Department of Justice wants to deprive citizenship that has been granted to five men allegedly lied about allegations of sexual abuse of children during the interview and in their documents.

Two defendants are from Mexico. The other three came from Colombia, Guyana and the Philippines.

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"Those who want to become Americans must respect the law invite us and get citizenship legally and honestly, "said Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday (22/1). "The Justice Department will continue to search for fraudsters and drag them to justice by obtaining orders to deprive citizenship already given to them."

The five men pleaded guilty to allegations of sexually abusing children either before or during their naturalization process, did not disclose the information to immigration officials.

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Four of them are under the supervision of society or in probation or have been ordered to register as a sex offender. The fifth suspect was sentenced to 40 years in California prison.

It is unclear whether they will be forced to return to their home country if their US citizenship is revoked. [as/al]

Argentine Police Discover 389 Kg of Cocaine at the Russian Embassy

Buenos Aires
 A 389-kilogram cocaine drug was discovered and seized from the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A number of drug dealer gangs have been arrested over the findings of this cocaine.

Spoken by Argentine Security Minister Patricia Bullrich at a press conference as reported by AFP and Reuters Friday (2/23/2010), that the drug was found in the annex section of the embassy building Russia. Estimated drugs found to have a market value of about US $ 62 million (Rp 834.9 billion).

"Gangs of narcotic criminals attempt to utilize a diplomatic courier service at the Russian Embassy," said Bullrich. The drugs reportedly will be brought on board to Europe.

Bullrich said the Police of Argentina and Russia decided to conduct a joint operation after the Russian ambassador provided information on the findings of 16 drug packages at the embassy in December 2016. This year-long operation aims to capture the perpetrator.

It is known that the drug package will be shipped via diplomatic flights to Russia. Therefore, the team deliberately swapped the contents of the 16 drug packages with flour and attached the tracking device to trap the perpetrator.

"The tracking device is placed in a suitcase that will be shipped via ship to Russia, which is the goal," Bullrich told reporters.

The tracker led to the arrest of five suspects, two in Argentina and three in Russia. One of those arrested in Argentina was a local police officer. One leader of this syndicate, called Bullrich, is still hunted.

In addition to being targeted to Russia, the drug is also suspected to be sent to Germany, where the dwarf resident of this drug syndicate. "We believe the German police will catch the fugitive," Bullrich said.

Drugs found in the Russian Embassy are believed to have originated from Colombia or Peru.

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Dangerous Trek Taken by Dark Immigrants to Enter the US

While the American Congress seeks to fund the border wall between America and Mexico, the 2010 border fence that separates El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico is already quite difficult for illegal immigrants to enter the United States. When Jesus Sanchez came to America nearly 30 years ago, he waded through the Rio Grande. Sanchez has since lived in America and became an illegal resident.

El Paso, Texas is the second busiest entry point on the border between America and Mexico. Although the busyness of the border was mostly an ordinary traveler, but there were other travel streams made up of people who did not have valid entry documents, and covertly came to El Paso.

Jesus Sanchez came as a boy, the river of the Rio Grande that borders the two countries and flows behind the house of his parents.

"We walked, that day the river water is not too high, until knee, and then we have to be wary of border patrols If they do not exist, run or walk I do not remember having to run It was dark, around 4 or 3.30 in the morning, "Sanchez said.

Despite living in America for 30 years, Sanchez still has no legal status. But his children have.

One of them is a biochemist. Sanchez laughed when he told of the story of one of his sons.

"He applied for a job, and guessed what job he proposed, border patrol."

Sanchez previously had various short-term visas but is illegal since 2010. Now, sponsored by his eldest son, he hopes to get a green card or green card next month.

"My life is here now I am so American, so I feel very grateful but I want to stay here legally," Sanchez said. .

It is now more difficult to cross secretly to El Paso than when Sanchez used to do it.

The 211-kilometer fence along the city's border was completed in 2010. In 2006, before the fence stood, there were 122,000 crossing the border illegally. Last year: about 25,000. [my]