China Imposes Arbitrary Arrest in Xinjiang

No one knows what happened to a Uighur student after he returned to China from Egypt and was taken by police.

The neighbors in his village in the western tip of China do not know where he is, and they have not seen him for some month. Former classmates also do not know and they fear the Chinese authorities have beaten him to death.

His mother also does not know, who lives in a two-story house at the end of a street, alone behind a wall that retains the sand-desert sunlight. He opened the door late one afternoon to an impromptu visit of Associated Press journalists, who showed him a photograph of a handsome young man in a park, and one hand pointed upward.

"Yes, that's it," said the mother while tears pouring down his face. "This is the first time I've heard anything about him in seven months, what happened?" He asked about his son.

"Was he dead or alive?"

The student friends thought he had joined thousands, possibly tens of thousands of people, according to the estimates of human rights organizations and lecturers, without trial to a secret detention camp for alleged political crimes ranging from perceived extremist thinking to the extent of traveling or studying abroad. The mass disappearance, which began last year, is part of a massive attempt by Chinese authorities to use data-based detention and surveillance to enforce digital police surveillance in the Xinjiang region and its Uighur ethnicity, the Turkish-speaking Turkish minority of 10 million, which the Chinese word has been influenced by Islamic extremism. [gp]

Storm Disaster Kills 30 in Central Philippines

A slow-moving storm has caused more than 30 people dead and several others missing mostly from landslides and floods. Thousands of people came for holiday in the central Philippines, officials said on Sunday.

Sofronio Dacillo Jr., the disaster relief official, said 26 villagers had died and 23 were missing, mostly due to landslides in various in the province of Biliran island, where the weather has improved after Tropical Storm Kai-Tak struck it on Saturday.

At least 7 others were killed in landslides and floods in four central Philippine regions due to Kai-Tak storm, which weakened into a tropical depression but moving north-west and its pace increased on Sunday with a wind of 55 kilometers per hour, according to officials and police.

The National Disaster Risk Management and Reduction Council says they are trying to ascertain the number of fatalities reported by the storm, forcing more of the 89,000 people were displaced to makeshift shelters. Thousands of people on Christmas vacation were stranded by inter-island ship transport and canceled flights. [gp]

North Korea-born Korut Agent Arrested in Australia

Australian officials say a South Korean-born man has been arrested and charged with acting as North Korea's economic agent.

Chan Han Choi, naturalized Australian citizen, was arrested Saturday in Sidney where he has lived for decades. 19659002] Australian Federal Police say if Choi had succeeded in brokering the sale of weapons of mass destruction, he could earn tens of millions of dollars for North Korea.

Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan said such cases have never happened in the Australian territory. According to Gaughan, Choi is reportedly communicating with top North Korean officials.

"This man is an agent loyal to North Korea, and believes he is on duty for a higher patriotic purpose," said Gaughan.

Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull says he has been told about the case, and calls it a very serious matter. "

" North Korea is a dangerous, reckless and evil regime that threatens the region's peace, "Turnbull said. by violating UN sanctions, not just by selling crops like coal and other goods, but also by selling weapons, selling drugs, and committing cyber crimes. "

Choi is facing six charges, including two laws of Ban The Spread of Weapons of Mass Crushers. [gp]

Threatens Military Police, Men Shot Shot at Schiphol Airport

A man armed with a knife was shot to death by Dutch military police at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. The shooting was done after the man infiltrated into the military police station at the airport complex and threatened one of the personnel with a knife.

As reported by AFP and Reuters Saturday (16/12 / 2017), the incident that occurred on Friday (15/12) this local time could trigger panic at Schiphol Airport. This knife man finally arrested after being shot.

"This afternoon (15/12), a man came to the Marechaussee (military police) office here in Schiphol and he threatened my colleagues with a knife," Dutch army spokesman Dennis Muller told AFP .

"After he (the perpetrator-red) threatened them, my colleague took out a gun and shot him in the leg," Muller added.

Added Mullers that the perpetrator was taken to a local hospital after being shot. No further known conditions of the perpetrators at this time.

"The perpetrator of this incident is a 29-year-old man from The Hague, who has been known by police regarding a number of previous violent incidents," local police said via Twitter.

The shooting sparked panic at the Schiphol Airport plaza, which many become the location of restaurants and shops crowded visitors. One of the workers at the airport fast-food restaurant called himself seeing a man 'swinging a knife' before hearing a gunshot.

"What a terrible thing, to see him swing a knife," said the restaurant worker who declined to be named.

this incident occurred, people were evacuated from the airport plaza area. Airport Plaza which was temporarily closed, finally opened again. No flight schedule changes due to this incident.

The motive for the attack is not known for sure. "The perpetrator looks like a confused person, our investigator is still at the scene to find out exactly what the perpetrator's motive is," Muller said.

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4 Palestinians shot dead Israelis in latest clashes

Gaza City
At least four Palestinians were killed after Israeli soldiers shot in a series of recent clashes in Gaza and the West Bank. Another 150 people were injured in clashes that broke out in protests protesting against the US decision on Jerusalem.

As reported by AFP and Reuters Saturday (16 / 12/2017), two of whom were killed in clashes with Israeli troops on the Gaza-Israel border. The demonstrators threw stones at Israeli soldiers. The throw was returned by a real bullet fired by Israeli soldiers.

One other person was killed in a clash in an area north of Jerusalem. The Palestinian died after being shot in the chest by Israeli soldiers.

Another Palestinian died after stabbing Israeli border troops near a checkpoint in Ramallah, West Bank. The Palestinian was shot after being suspected of wearing an explosive belt on his body. Separately, a Palestinian paramedic who takes care of the Palestinian mentions the explosive belt worn by the man turned out to be a fake.

This series of clashes broke out after Friday's Friday prayer, after Hamas-controlled Gaza again called for action called 'a day of anger' to protest the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The clash also came days before US Vice President Mike Pence came to visit Israel. The Pence visit is intended to encourage the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, after the US through President Donald Trump formally recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6.

"We understand that Palestinians may need a period of cooling, that's okay, we'll be ready when the Palestinians are ready to re-engage (in peace efforts)," a senior White House official said.

In a separate statement, the Israeli military admitted it opened fire on demonstrators on the Gaza border. "In the clashes, IDF soldiers opened fire selectively toward the main instigator," the Israeli military statement said.

The Israeli army claims there are 3,500 Palestinians protesting near the Gaza frontier fence. Another 2,500 Palestinians were called to rally in the West Bank region, burning tires and throwing stones also molotov towards Israeli soldiers and police.

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