Beware Away, There's Unique Traffic Lights in Taiwan with Paired Icons

Usually traffic lights (traffic) only show the color red, yellow and green only. But unlike the traffic lights in Taiwan following. There are couple icons in each color.

As reported by the BBC of Taiwan News on Wednesday (2/14/2018), this traffic light is located in Pingtung County. This is a unique design light in the region of 40 other traffic lights.

When the light is red or green will appear a pair of male and female lover. Once the red light is on, the man will express love to the woman while kneeling.

As the lamp turns green, the pair will hold hands. The mayor of Pingtung said the design of the lamp was at once an emphasis that the city is full of love.

 Traffic lights in Taiwan. Traffic lights in Taiwan. Photos: doc. FTV News

The designer of the traffic light, Cheng Da-wei said the reason for making a traffic lamp with a pair icon. He thinks it will attract the attention of young people and encourage better awareness of transport.

Earlier in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands, the traffic lights were also designed uniquely with rabbit characters. Likewise in Melbourne, Australia, the flowing lights feature female characters to overcome gender bias.

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