Canada and Mexico Reassure US About NAFTA Benefits

Canadian and Mexican senior officials expressed frustration with current American doubts about free trade, and said the benefits for the three countries should always be remembered during the current NAFTA renegotiation, the Associated Press reported Wednesday (21/2).

Canadian Ambassador to the United States David MacNaughton told a meeting of business and academic leaders at Arizona State University that better messages are needed to eliminate US concerns that the three countries successfully reorganize the North American Free Trade Agreement that has been in effect for 25 years .

He said the three countries should recognize that they can benefit by lowering tariffs and other barriers to international trade.

Ambassador Mario Chacon of Mexico promoting foreign trade and investment, told the group that the cause of the loss is largely American jobs is the result of technology, not free trade. "We lost our jobs because of robots, machines," Chacon said, adding that every country needs to train workers to fill new jobs in a developing economy. [as/al]

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