Car Pedicular Walker on Copacabana Beach, 1 Baby Killed

A car crashed into a crowd of pedestrians on the sidewalk of Rio de Janeiro's famous Copacabana beach area. Nahas, an 8 month old baby was killed and 15 others wounded.

As reported by Reuters Friday (19/1/2018), the pavement that became the scene of this incident crowded with pedestrians being runs late on Thursday (18/1) local time. After the collision incident, the wounded were lying around the sidewalk.

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Such incidents are reminiscent of a series of terror attacks in Europe and America, which use vehicles to crash into pedestrians. However, for this incident in Copacabana, local authorities declared no indication this was a deliberate attack.

According to Brazilian local media reports, G1 the car driver admitted that his epileptic illness recurred when the incident occurred . Inside the car was found drugs for epilepsy.

But it was known that the driver had fled after crashing the pedestrians before being quickly captured by the local police.

A Copacabana Police official confirmed an 8 month old baby was killed in the incident. Another 15 people were injured and hospitalized.

Spoken by eyewitnesses to local media, Globo News the car suddenly crosses the bike path and enters the sidewalk. On the sidewalk, the car crashed into people, then bumped into the tables and chairs near the sidewalk, before stopping on the beach sand.

The glass of the car broke and the roof was dented. This indicates that the car is speeding when crashing into people.

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