China Questions US Causes of Cyber-related Threats

A Chinese government spokesman said Beijing was questioning why the US felt insecure about dealing with the country. His remarks were made in response to a US government report that mentions China as one of the countries with the greatest cyber threat.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Wednesday that Washington should eliminate that distrust and cooperate with China and Russia in securing the peace and stability of the world.

The US report also mentions Russia, Iran and North Korea as the countries that present the biggest cyber threat. Director of the National Intelligence And Coats said Tuesday that the United States should pursue a number of deterrent actions to minimize the attacks.

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The Gang says the United States remains the world's greatest power with unparalleled military power.

US officials accuse China of holding a massive hacking operation targeting US interests, including the military and security companies that contract with the US government. [ab/uh]

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