Conditions of the Rohingya Refugee Camp in Bangladesh Refine

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees arriving at Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, since late August rescued from persecution and violence in Myanmar, were housed in emergency lodgings in a miserable condition.

Over a hundred days have passed since violence escalated in the northern Rakhine state, forcing nearly 626,000 Rohingyas to escape to Bangladesh.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that the refugees are now housed in crowded accommodation, healthy and susceptible to disease outbreaks.

While the Rohingya condition is pathetic, IOM spokesman Joel Millman explains, the flow of refugees to Cox's Bazar has had a severe impact on poor communities in the region.

Millman says, "Water, sanitation and conditions health is not just worrisome in the refugee lodge where 60% of water is contaminated with Ec bacteria oil but also in the surrounding community. "

According to Millman, the refugees at Cox's Bazar must fight for life. To alleviate the situation, the United Nations plans to include some 300,000 Bangladeshis into a humanitarian aid program for Rohingya refugees. He said the IOM, which is part of the UN plan, has created more than 3,800 latrines and 159 water wells in six communities of refugee resettlement locations.

"More than 300,000 residents of refugee resettlement communities now have access to clean water and sanitation services In order to maintain sustainability and create employment IOM trains and equips local staff to do and manage it, "Millman said.

Millman also added that IOM's health team at Cox's Bazar provided emergency medical and medical services to Rohingya and the local Bangladesh community . [al]

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