Dangerous Trek Taken by Dark Immigrants to Enter the US

While the American Congress seeks to fund the border wall between America and Mexico, the 2010 border fence that separates El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico is already quite difficult for illegal immigrants to enter the United States. When Jesus Sanchez came to America nearly 30 years ago, he waded through the Rio Grande. Sanchez has since lived in America and became an illegal resident.

El Paso, Texas is the second busiest entry point on the border between America and Mexico. Although the busyness of the border was mostly an ordinary traveler, but there were other travel streams made up of people who did not have valid entry documents, and covertly came to El Paso.

Jesus Sanchez came as a boy, the river of the Rio Grande that borders the two countries and flows behind the house of his parents.

"We walked, that day the river water is not too high, until knee, and then we have to be wary of border patrols If they do not exist, run or walk I do not remember having to run It was dark, around 4 or 3.30 in the morning, "Sanchez said.

Despite living in America for 30 years, Sanchez still has no legal status. But his children have.

One of them is a biochemist. Sanchez laughed when he told of the story of one of his sons.

"He applied for a job, and guessed what job he proposed, border patrol."

Sanchez previously had various short-term visas but is illegal since 2010. Now, sponsored by his eldest son, he hopes to get a green card or green card next month.

"My life is here now I am so American, so I feel very grateful but I want to stay here legally," Sanchez said. .

It is now more difficult to cross secretly to El Paso than when Sanchez used to do it.

The 211-kilometer fence along the city's border was completed in 2010. In 2006, before the fence stood, there were 122,000 crossing the border illegally. Last year: about 25,000. [my]

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