"Dead laughing in Moscow": Trump's new counter-offensive on the Russian investigation

Donald Trump claimed on Sunday that Russia had managed "beyond its wildest dreams" to wreak chaos in the United States, criticizing the numerous investigations and hearings conducted on this issue while avoiding denounce Moscow's interference in the US elections. "They died of laughter in Moscow, wake up America!" wrote the American president in the early morning in one of those bursts of tweets he likes.

"If the GOAL of Russia was to sow discord, disorder and chaos in the United States, then, with all the hearings in committees, investigations and hatred between parties, she has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams, "he wrote. This message punctuates a new avalanche of tweets posted by Donald Trump from 06:30 in the morning while the president spends this long weekend, Monday being a holiday in the United States, in his home in Florida.

All relate to the investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign. None mentions the 17 people killed Wednesday in a high school unless an hour from his residence in Mar-a-Lago. Donald Trump on Saturday accused the FBI of missing the warning signs that pointed to the 19-year-old killer, Nikolas Cruz, saying the US federal police was "spending too much time" on the Russian investigation.

"Russian Lie"

The day before, Washington had formally accused 13 Russians, including a relative of Vladimir Putin of having favored Donald Trump's candidacy in 2016. The main American intelligence services had already denounced Russian interference in the campaign

Particularly sensitive accusations in this election year in the United States, with the crucial November parliamentary elections in prospect. US intelligence chief Dan Coats recently warned that Russia will resume revenue in 2016 to try to influence the vote. But Donald Trump has been careful since Friday to denounce the interference of Moscow, pinned by his own administration, insisting heavily on the innocence of his campaign team.

"I never said that Russia had not No scrum of the election, I said + it may be Russia, or China or another country or group, or it can be a genius of 180 kilos sitting in bed and playing with his computer +. The Russian + lie was that Trump's campaign team had been an accomplice of Russia – it never was! ", He still hammered Sunday.

" Not an excuse "

His predecessor Barack Obama, his former rival Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party (DNC) … Donald Trump rejected the case of collusion with Russia on the Democrats in his tweets: "Obama was president, knew this threat and did nothing. "

The Russian destabilization campaign, financed by millions of dollars, allegedly indeed started in 2014, according to the indictment of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller, in charge of the investigation.

Democrat Adam Schiff, member of the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives, recalled Sunday on CNN have long denounced the lack of action of the Obama administration in this case. "But this is not an excuse for this president to do nothing," he said.The US president continues to retain sanctions that Congress has adopted, which Congress wants them to implement. against Russia because of this interference. "

US Councilor for National Security, HR McMaster, assured him Saturday in Munich that the evidence of Russian interference" was really irrefutable ", before ironically that "By leading this campaign of political subversion", Russia had managed to unite Republicans and Democrats at the time to impose sanctions on it.

"General McMaster forgot to say that the results of the 2016 election will have not been affected or modified by the Russians, "said Donald Trump, relying on the Ministry of Justice who stressed Friday that no evidence pointed to an impact of the Russian interference on the outcome of the polls . Before watering again, Hillary Clinton's camp "the villain", citing several scandals that rocked the campaign of the Democratic candidate: "the only collusion was between Russia and H la Crapule, the DNC and the Dems" .

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