Desalinize seawater, insufficient to solve the water crisis (expert)

Desalinizing seawater on a large scale or capturing moisture from the atmosphere are two options that may soon become a reality, but this will not solve the global drinking water crisis, said Wednesday Peter Thomson, sent UN Special for Oceans at the Brasilia Water Forum

"Solutions, ideas, are all here, now it's about working to define which are financially viable and which are scientifically However, there are solutions for almost all the problems that arise, "said Mr. Thomson.

Speaking at the International Water Forum, which holds its 8th edition in Brasilia this week, this Fijian However, it was felt that these different options should be part of a broader solution and that we should first succeed in stopping global warming.

And "desalination is a problem. obtained during the process? ", he explained, saying that the distinction between freshwater and marine is" artificial, because everything is connected: the land, the sea, the climate. "

The expert insisted on the need to have a healthy sea to be able to design solutions to the lack of drinking water that could suffer 5.7 billion people by 2050, according to a UN report released on Monday.

" We put the sea in great danger and we must understand this connection (with fresh water, ed) before moving forward, "he pleaded, referring to excessive fishing, pollution by plastic waste, warming water or sunscreen residues that fall on corals as threats to the oceans

"Greenhouse gases warm the oceans and raise their levels. In addition, they deprive them of oxygen, making it more difficult to live in the sea. "

Mr. Thomson is however optimistic:" When I am told that the next war will be for water, I answer: + These are nonsense! The supply of water on this planet is infinite + ".

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