Diplomacy of Kimchi and Soju at South Korea and North Korea Meeting

 South Korean President Moon Jae-in held a meeting with North Korean ceremonial head Kim Yong Nam and Kim Jong Un's younger sister Kim Yo Jong.

The historic meeting took place at the presidential palace of South Korea or the Blue House in Seoul on this Saturday. In the television show seen President Moon with his smile, shaking hands with the two important figures of North Korea before starting their official talks. With his arrival in the framework of this Winter Olympics, Kim Yong Nam is the highest official of North Korea who ever visited South Korea.

In the meeting continued with the luncheon, as reported by news agency AFP Saturday (10 / 2/2018), served kimchi dishes, traditional Korean food which is a kind of fried pickled spicy fermented vegetables, as well as soju drinks, Korean beverages.

Not yet known what is discussed in the meeting. Previously, there was speculation that Kim's sister would deliver a private message from her brother during the meeting.

Last year, tensions between the two Koreas increased as Pyongyang's nuclear tests and Pyongyang missiles called reaching the mainland of the United States. Tensions escalate with the threat of war and mutilation thrown by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump

Earlier, US Vice President Mike Pence was also present at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on Friday (9/2). local, did not interact with any North Korean delegation, including not shaking hands. This is different from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, whose country is also often threatened by North Korea. Abe shook hands with Kim Yong Nam and seemed to be talking to him.

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