Florida Shooter Ever Complained to the FBI

In a written statement issued, the FBI said people close to Nikolas could contact the hotline FBI on January 5 to convey his worries about Nikolas. The caller provided information about Nikolas's possession of weapons, his desire to kill people, his unusual behavior, and terrible social media activities.

As per the existing protocol, the information provided by the caller should be judged to be a life-threatening potential. The FBI declared "the information should be submitted to the FBI's office in Miami so that a deeper investigation could be made."

However, the protocol was not executed and "the information submitted was not forwarded to the FBI office in Miami, and no further investigation done. "

FBI Director Christopher Wray says it is reviewing these facts. "I am determined to find out the root of the problem, what is happening in this issue, and at the same time examine the process of responding to the information we receive from the public … When the public contacts due to certain concerns we must act promptly and appropriately."

Nikolas Cruz, 19, fired on five classrooms at two high school floors in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday, killing 17 people and wounding 15 others, some of whom were critically injured.

The FBI has spoken to the victim and his family, and convey "deep regret" to this terrible tragedy. [rt/nm/em]

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