Majority of US Voters Trump Value Is Not an Example for Children

The majority of American voters believe that President Donald Trump is not an acceptable example of children, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll.

Although 90 percent of respondents rate it is important for a president to be a good example, Trump's position in the eyes of the voters is 67 percent (which judge Trump is not a good example) versus 29 percent.

Trump's value is low in the eyes of every age group, education, gender, race and political party, except in Republicans where Trump is a member.

Seventy-two percent of Republicans say Trump is a good example for children, while 22% feel the opposite.

Fifty-four percent of white voters who do not pass the university – the main base of Trump voters – say the president is not be a good role model for children, while 41% feel the opposite.

This Trump rating is almost as bad as questions about leadership morale. Sixty-three percent of voters believe Trump does not provide guidance, compared to 33 percent who feel otherwise.

The exception is the Republican voters who feel he is a good moral leader. Non-college white voters are equally divided on this question.

With a margin of 58 to 36 percent, voters do not approve of Trump's performance, which in 12 consecutive months shows a negative value. But 86% of Republicans rated Trump's performance good, and only 9% rated otherwise. The white voters who do not have higher education and support Trump's performance reach 50%, while 42% vice versa.

"Stagnant number of voters who support Trump's performance, low values ​​for most characters and the fact that if parents look for exemplary figures "It's just 27% of American voters who say they are proud of Trump, while 53% say they are embarrassed, or mean two to one," says Assistant Director of Quinnipiac University.

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