May Protest but Not Use Violence

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has finally spoken out about anti-government demonstrations. Rouhani says it's okay to protest but must avoid violence.

"People are free to criticize the government and conduct demonstrations, but demonstrations must be done in such a way as to improve the situation in this country and their lives," said Rouhani, quoted by Reuters on Monday (1/1/2018) 19659002] "Keep in mind, criticism is different from the violence that damages government facilities," he continued.

Demonstration in Iran lasts for three days. The government of Iran asserted that the police did not fire during the protests

"Unfortunately in this riot, two residents of Dorud were killed, no bullets fired by police, military or security forces directed at the residents," said Deputy Governor of the Province of Lorestan Iran, Habibollah Khojastehpour, in a television show as quoted by AFP on Sunday (31/12/2017).

The demo is now spreading to various regions and being a protest against the government.

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