Modi Supports Independent Palestinian State

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed support for an independent Palestinian state and hopes for a restoration of peace in the region while visiting Ramallah.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas calls on India to support multinational efforts to help negotiations Israeli-Palestinian peace in the future.

Modi's three-hour visit, Saturday (10/2), to Ramallah was the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister. The visit was seen as an attempt by India to balance its growing relationship with Israel.

Abbas said the Palestinians are ready to hold dialogue with Israel, and expect India's support in encouraging further peace talks. "The establishment of a multilateral mechanism through international peace conventions is the best way to mediate such negotiations," he said.

After US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel late last year, Abbas sought international support for a number of European and The Middle East could be involved as a mediator between Palestine and Israe. But so far no country has made any commitments.

After holding talks with Abbas, Modi said he has given the Palestinian leader a guarantee that "India is bound by a promise to take care of the interests of the Palestinian people, and India hopes Palestine can become a free country with ways of peace. " [ii]

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