NATO denies building new military base in Afghanistan

The NATO mission in Afghanistan denied reports that building materials and equipment imported and shipped through neighboring Pakistan were used to establish a new military base in the conflict-stricken country.

The Pakistani-language Pakistani newspaper DAWN Wednesday (6 / 12) reported, quoting an official document he claimed to have seen, that the imported goods were used to build military facilities under the name of the camp "Shaheen."

"Recently, vessels loaded with construction materials and equipment of very large alliances arrived at the imported portion was reported by the United States Army Corps of Engineers Services, "said the report.

Imported materials are reported to include a 22 megawatt power generator, and a large sheet of steel plate. Other equipment, such as plastic injection molding machines with standard accessories, are also supplied from various ports of the world.

But Army Captain A. Tom Earthback, Public Relations Director of NATO's mission headquarters in Kabul said, "Camp Shaheen is not a new camp, as an ANDSF (Afghan National Security Forces) training facility for many years. "

He told VOA that Americans regularly work with local and international contractors who support maintenance and development projects across Afghanistan.

" In the case Camp Shaheen, there are sustainable plans to save costs and reduce pollution by moving the base from the system to the electrical network system, "said the spokesman.

The US and its allies generally rely on land and air communications lines through Pakistan to transport supplies to about 13,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan. The number is expected to increase to more than 16,000 after there are plans to increase U.S. forces. and NATO under President Donald Trump's new strategy in Afghanistan, announced in August. [em/jm]

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