NDDL: Operation of the gendarmerie to clear the roads

A fist operation to clear the roads combined with a judicial police operation in connection with the "exactions" of previous days began Friday at 06:00 on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, has The operation concentrates on the D81, one of the two main roads crossing the ZAD, where an ambush took place Thursday, according to the gendarmes, causing 10 wounded in their ranks. [19659002] "No expulsion is planned today," said the gendarmerie, but "a maneuver clearance axes on the area and a judicial police operation" in the context of "violence against the forces of the order. "

According to a source close to the file, Thursday some 500 opponents, zadistes and their supporters from France and Europe, were present on the ZAD where the airport project was abandoned in January by the government who had promised, however, to expel er the illegal occupants.

The expulsion operation of those who have not submitted any individual agricultural project to the prefecture since January began on Monday, with 2,500 gendarmes, bailiffs and construction equipment, and 29 squats were destroyed in three days

On Thursday, the clearing operations continued under the protection of the gendarmes. But the opponents, irritated to see destroying places of life but also others where they had agricultural projects, call all their support to mobilize since Tuesday evening.

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