NDDL: Philip reaches out to Zadists and warns against reoccupation

Édouard Philippe, on a surprise visit to the gendarmes in operation at Notre-Dame-des-Landes warned on Friday against any reoccupation of the evacuated sites while keeping the extended hand to the zadistes who accept the process of regularization.

"The state will not accept the reconstruction or reoccupation of the sites that were evacuated, and those who engage in such abuses (…) exclude themselves from any possibility of regularization" by 23 April, he pounded

Those "will have to draw the consequences of their absence of will" and "will put under the blow of pursuits", warned Édouard Philippe.

The Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior arrived shortly after 16:30 at the command post of the gendarmerie at Saint-Etienne-de-Montluc, south of the Zad.

Taking stock of the expulsions started Monday, Édouard Philippe said that "the set of objectives we are s were assigned was reached: 29 squats (out of 96) were deconstructed and their occupants expelled. "

Now places in clearing operations. "They will take time after the expulsions but they will be carried out seriously and in accordance with the timetable that has been envisaged," he pledged.

Friday morning, the day after the announcement of the end of operations Expulsion, the prefect of the Pays de la Loire Nicole Klein had already sketched this line: negotiation around regularization but intransigence about illegal reoccupations.

Those who accept the process have until April 23 to do so. "They are simply asked at this stage to declare their name, to declare the agricultural project they wish to develop and to specify the plots on which they wish to implement it so that the State (…) can instruct them. requests, "said Nicole Klein emphasizing that" collective projects do not prevent individual projects. "

The prefect announced that she would receive a delegation of occupants" as quickly as possible. "

-" the time it will take "-

" What we are certain is that it will not be possible to think serenely in the continuation as long as the Zad will be targeted by this type of police actions ", have responded the Zadists in a statement.

The gendarmes should stay three weeks to a month with a triple objective: clear the plots, ensure free movement on the D281 and D81 and prevent any illegal reoccupation, said the prefect. 19659002] The provision It will remain "the time it will take, with the forces that will be needed. On the other hand, there will be no more expulsion, "said General Richard Lizurey, general director of the gendarmerie, in the morning.

Friday morning was marked by new clashes on the Zad as soon as dawn, where grenade shots were continuously fired.

A gunsmith's operation was concentrated on the D81, one of the two main north-south roads crossing the Zad, topped by fiery barricades on Friday morning It is on this axis that an ambush took place Thursday, according to the gendarmes, making 10 wounded in their ranks.

"the fight that some led is carried out", explained Friday noon on RTL the minister of the Nicolas Hulot ecological transition in reference to the abandonment of the airport project in January, "from there, it is necessary to calm down, to return in the right way and not to mix the postures".

In total four people were in custody Friday night for participation in a gathering, violence on law enforcement officer (with a hammer) or outrage and rebellion, according to the Rennes Court of Appeal. Another protester arrested Thursday for possession of explosive device was released Friday by the Criminal Court of Saint-Nazaire but the prosecution appealed.

Moreover, the court of summary of Nantes rejected Friday the request of a occupant of the Zad who challenged the legality of his expulsion from the place called "The 100 names."

The operation of expulsion of illegal occupants of the Zad began Monday, with 2,500 gendarmes, bailiffs and construction equipment, and 29 squats were destroyed in three days.

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