NDDL: start of clearing operations on the ZAD

The security forces blocked road access to the ZAD Notre-Dame-des-Landes (Loire-Atlantique) Thursday morning to allow the clearing of "squats" destroyed the previous days, did we learned from the gendarmerie.

Road access to the former "deferred development zone" (ZAD), renamed "area to defend" by opponents of the airport project, were closed to traffic Thursday morning, AFP journalists found.

The roads were blocked to allow the maneuvering of heavy vehicles and vehicles, according to the gendarmerie.

The squadrons of mobile gendarmes present on the zone were indeed attached to secure the clearing of "squats" destroyed since Monday morning. "It is a question of allowing the competitors (companies of BTP, ed) to evacuate the piles of waste in complete safety", indicated the gendarmerie.

No evacuation or expulsion was in course Thursday morning, according to the same source. "The night has been calm," according to the police, which has counted only three casualties in his ranks.

No clash took place on the area Thursday morning, noted journalists from AFP, a atmosphere strongly contrasting with the clashes of the last three days.

A gendarmerie helicopter and a drone flew over the ZAD. Some people were gathered on barricades around the locality of the "Real Reds", theater Wednesday violent clashes, according to the same source.

Only incident to report, a barricade of tires was ignited on the national road 165 thursday morning around 07:00, causing traffic jams between Nantes and Vannes in both directions of traffic.

The expulsion operation, started Monday at dawn, mobilizes about 2,500 gendarmes and aims to restore order in this part of the world. bocage nantais, called "zone no law" by the government.

On Wednesday, the gendarmes launched a massive charge against the opponents, the largest since the beginning of their intervention Monday at dawn. Thirteen new "squats" were evacuated in the day "is 29 in total since the beginning of the operation", according to the prefect of the Pays-de-la-Loire Nicole Klein. Twenty-six "squats" were destroyed and three were "in the process of destruction" Wednesday night, according to the same source.

Monday, the Minister of the Interior Gerard Collomb had evoked forty "buildings" to destroy on the ZAD and a "hundred" people to dislodge

Authorities have identified 97 "squats" or "places of life" according to the Zadist terminology. The prefect had assured that no "hard" housing would be destroyed.

On January 17, by ending the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport project, Prime Minister Philippe had promised to eradicate the "no law zone".

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