NDDL: the gendarmerie operations continue on the 8th day

The gendarmes continued to clear the roads of the ZAD Monday morning after new barricades erected in the night by the zadistes, the 8th day of operations to return to the rule of law in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, AFP reported.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the night was rather calm.

The zadists took advantage of the night to rebuild barricades, especially on the D81, which the gendarmes tried to clear in the morning, as they do every day.

A gendarmerie helicopter was still flying over the area. After the passage of gendarmes to clear the road, the zadistes went up again their barricades on the D81 in the late morning, found journalists of AFP.

Shots of pomegranate still resonated, including the "Gourbi", a place of life emblematic of the ZAD, destroyed last week, where the zadistes managed to carry a wooden frame in the night.

About fifty of them protected this frame Monday morning against the intervention of the forces of the order, before being evacuated by the gendarmes who were busy in the middle of the morning to destroy it by sawing it in pieces.

But the clashes were much more moderate than the day before when the support of the zadistes had attacked at several times the positions of the gendarmes with Molotov cocktail, rockets, homemade bombs filled with steel balls, and bottles of acid.

These violent clashes, on the sidelines of a gathering A number of people were injured in the ZAD, which gathered several thousand people on Sunday, seven wounded on the gendarmes' side: three were struck by the explosions of a homemade bomb, two were burned by Molotov cocktails and two by the acid.

Eight protesters were arrested Sunday, according to the prefecture of Loire-Atlantique.

The operation of expulsion of the illegal occupants of the ZAD, which mobilizes 2,500 gendarmes, began Monday, April 9 and in three days 29 squats were destroyed.

Operations now focus on the free movement of roads, the clearing of squats and the maintenance of order. But the Zadists have called their reinforcements more and more on the spot, including "blacks blocks", to try to reinvest the destroyed sites.

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron said Sunday that "all that will have to be evacuated will be "on the ZAD, at the end of the new period of regularization (April 23) left to the illegal occupants.

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