NDDL: Zadists have a new 10-day deadline to regularize

The occupants of the ZAD Notre-Dame-des-Landes were called Friday to regularize their situation before April 23, a few hours after the launch of a punch operation to clear a departmental road. [19659002ThedayaftertheannouncementofanendtoevictionoperationstheprefectofthePaysdelaLoirereachedouttothezadistsincludingtheexpelledinvitingthemtodeclaretheirplansby23Apriltostarta"regularizationprocess"

"They are simply asked at this stage to declare their name, to declare the agricultural project they wish to develop and to specify the parcels on which they wish to implement it so that the state (…) can instruct these requests, "she said emphasizing that" collective projects do not prevent individual projects. "

The prefect announced that she would receive a delegation of occupants "as quickly as possible In the meantime, the gendarmes will remain on the spot for three weeks to a month with the triple objective of clearing the plots, guaranteeing freedom of movement on the D281 and D81 and preventing any illegal reoccupation. she stated.

"We will stay there for the time it will take, with the forces that will be needed.In contrast, there will be more expulsion," said in the morning the General Richard Lizurey, Director General of the gendarmerie.

-Barricades reconstruites-

 Scuffles took place on April 13, 2018 on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes (AFP - Fred Tanneau)

Scuffles took place on April 13, 2018 on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes (AFP – Fred Tanneau)

The prefect then said that clashes were going on everywhere in the area where sounded pomegranate shots without interruption

A gunsmith operation first concentrated on the D81, one of the two main north-south roads crossing the ZAD, surmounted by barricades reinforced the day before by hundreds of zadistes and inflamed Friday morning. It is on this axis, at the crossroads of La Saulce, that an ambush took place on Thursday, according to the gendarmes, making 10 wounded in their ranks, ambush that the Zadists have contested in a statement.

Tanks were positioned at the crossroads of La Saulce and on Suez Road, which leads to the D281, ex-"route des chicanes". By withdrawing from this road at around 11:00 am, the gendarmes carried out heavy grenades. The barricades on the D81 were inflamed, tires and debris were burning, and a charred van was lying in a ditch.

In the middle of the morning the situation was confused and several clashes took place everywhere on the site. Opponents have managed to climb barricades, including a 1.50 m high between Saulce and Rolandière, according to an AFP journalist.

These clashes sometimes gave rise to unusual scenes such as these zadistes capped with round hats flocked "vive la Bretagne" dance in front of the gendarmes. A young woman, long hair, boots and trellis shouts in their direction: "Stop the violence, stop the war, we want peace, that's why we're here, you prevent us from living! Terrorists do not look like terrorists? "

In the late morning no policemen were visible on the D81 where calm had returned, noted an AFP journalist.

"The axes must be returned to the free movement.There will be patrols day and night.The axes will not be abandoned", assured the AFP the gendarmerie.

The operation of Expulsion of those who have not filed any individual agricultural project with the prefecture since January began Monday, with 2,500 gendarmes, bailiffs and construction equipment, and 29 squats were destroyed in three days.

According to General Lizurey, around 250 opponents were present in the area earlier this week. But "last night we had 700 people in front of us, including extremely violent people, the ultra-left, some + black blocks + are present here.The only goal is to break, to break the police, to to injure, to attack, to vandalise, "he regretted.

The gendarmes also launched a judicial police operation at a place called" La Grée "where elements" useful to the investigation "have seized, according to the parquet of Rennes. The search was to gather evidence in the context of the rocket fire that occurred three days ago against a gendarmerie helicopter.

Four people were arrested Friday: one for participation in a gathering, one for violence on police officer and two for outrage and rebellion, according to a source close to the file.

On January 17, when he put an end to the airport project in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, the Prime Minister Édouard Philippe had promised to eradicate this "zone of lawlessness."

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