North Korea, 'The Most Confrontational Threat' to the US and the Allies

Director of US Intelligence And Coats on Tuesday told the Senate Intelligence Committee at an annual hearing of threats worldwide that weapons of mass destruction of North Korea would pose a significant threat to America and its allies in the future .

"North Korea will be the most vulnerable and confrontational threat in the coming year," Coats said. He added that "in addition to the ballistic missile test and the increasing number of nuclear warheads, North Korea will continue its long-standing chemical and biological weapons warfare program."

Coats said North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is determined to develop a long- capable of attacking America, which Kim considered to be important for the security of his country. "Kim may also see the nuclear ICBM as an impetus for achieving its long-term strategic ambition to end the Seoul and Washington alliance, which will eventually dominate the Korean Peninsula," he said.

Tillerson: 'Too Early' For US-North Korean Talks

CIA Director Mike Pompeo told Congress that America and its allies "have built a global coalition against Kim Jong-Un and his terrorist regime, "And added that he would reveal more information about the coalition's plans in a closed meeting later Tuesday afternoon.

In the same vein Coats also reported on Russia. Russia will continue to be the country with the largest coverage of weapons of mass destruction and "is now developing its nuclear weapons capabilities."

Terrorism remains a global threat, Coat said, including inside the American border. The extremist terrorism coupled with domestic violence, including by the inspired and radical, is the main and most difficult threat of Sunni terrorism to detect, "he added. [em/jm]

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