North Korea's ambassador calls the United States fear of nuclear power

New York
North Korea accuses the United States of being afraid of its country's ability to supplement its nuclear power. North Korea says its country is not a threat to other countries provided its interests are not harassed.

As reported AFP and Newsweek Saturday (16/12/2017), the statement was submitted by North Korean Ambassador to United Nations, Ja Song-Nam, during a UN Security Council meeting on Friday (15/12) local time.

This UN-led UN-led Security Council meeting focused on North Korea's issues, one of which also announced new sanctions against a number of Chinese entities. The presence of North Korean Ambassador to the UN is quite rare in this kind of forum.

"(This UNSC meeting) A desperate move designed by the United States that is frightened by the overwhelming power of our republic which has successfully achieved historicity in complementing the power of the nuclear state," said Ja in the international forum.

Ja also states North Korea will not be a threat to other countries, as long as other countries do not interfere with North Korean interests.

Furthermore, Ja emphasizes North Korea's nuclear weapons are a necessity for self-defense. Ja also asserted that North Korea is a 'responsible pacifist nation and nuclear power'.

"Our possession of nuclear weapons is an individual's personal defense tool in defense of our sovereignty and the right to resistance and development, from US nuclear threats and if any which is to blame, the US should be responsible, "said Ja.

"There are several nuclear power states in the world today, but no country like the US is openly threatening and extorting other countries with nuclear weapons," he added as quoted by South Morning China Post .

Ja made his remarks after a speech by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calling on North Korea to halt a series of missile tests to pave the way for negotiations with the United States. But in his statement, Ja did not respond at all to the US Secretary's call.

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North Korea's Intercontinental Missile is Not a Serious Threat US

Washington DC
 US Defense Secretary James Mattis said the analysis of North Korea's latest missile test (North Korea) continues. But Mattis does not believe that North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) could threaten the US territory.

"(North Korea's missile) Not yet seen as a serious threat to us now … we're still doing forensic analysis," Mattis told reporters. at the Pentagon, as reported by Reuters [1945912]North Korea fired its ballistic missile back on November 29th. In a statement, North Korea claims it has successfully tested a new intercontinental intercontinental missile, Hwasong-15. North Korea also claims the new type of missile is capable of reaching US territory no matter where it is located.

A number of South Korea-based observers (South Korea) and the United States have declared data recorded from the Nov. 29 trial to support North Korea's claim. Mattis did not explain what was lacking so he called the North Korean missile a serious threat.

A few moments ago, precisely after the North Korean missile test was held, Mattis admitted that the North Korean missiles managed to slide higher than the previous launch. Mattis also said North Korea's continuously developed missile could essentially threaten any part of the world.

A number of experts are split on North Korean missile capabilities to reach US territory. Some US-based experts say the data and photographs have confirmed that North Korea's missiles have enough ability to carry nuclear warheads to any location in the US

But other experts, as well as US officials, are still questioning ability ' re-entry ' North Korea missiles. Re-entry refers to the ability of a long-range missile or rocket that has slid into space, to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere intact.

High speeds trigger friction with Earth's atmosphere which will ignite a fire. Under these conditions, nuclear warheads carried by missiles or rockets could potentially explode before reaching real targets. North Korea's missile accuracy is still a question of experts.

In a separate statement, South Korea's defense ministry acknowledged that the latest tests put the United States within range of North Korea's missiles. However, South Korea believes the North still needs to master the capabilities of ' re-entry ' perfectly, as well as the activation of warheads.

Some US-based experts believe the North is only 'two or three trials' again to perfect operational missiles.

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Police Investigate the Mysterious Death of Canadian Billionaire and His Wife

 Canadian police are investigating the mysterious death of billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife, Honey. The bodies of one of Canada's richest couples are found inside their luxury mansion in Toronto.

Sherman (75) is the founder of the renowned Canadian pharmaceutical company, Apotex Inc. Forbes magazine noted Sherman's wealth reached US $ 3.2 billion (Rp 42.8 trillion). Sherman founded the company in 1974 and Apotex developed by introducing a large number of generic drugs that were cheaper than branded drugs.

He retired from his post as CEO in 2012, but remains Executive Director. Apotex is listed as the world's number 7 generic drug company with 11,000 employees and sales annually reach over CAN $ 2 billion (Rp 20 trillion) in more than 45 countries. As reported by Reuters and CNN Saturday (16/12/2017), the Canadian Police said the deaths of the couple are suspicious, but not murder. The body of Sherman and his wife were found inside their home in a residential compound of people in northeastern Toronto on Friday (15/12) afternoon local time.

 Police stand guard in front of Barry Sherman's house Police guard in front of Barry Sherman's house Photo: REUTERS / Chris Helgren

Sherman's family house was recently registered for sale for nearly $ 7 million (Rp 73 billion). Reported by local media, Toronto Globe and Mail that a real estate agent became the first person to find the body of the couple in the basement of the house.

The real estate agent reportedly came to visit the house to prepare for the event open house . The findings were immediately reported to the local police. On Friday (15/12) evening local time, two bodies covered with blankets were seen taken out of the house and put in a van.

"The situation surrounding their deaths looks suspicious and we consider it so," police officials said local, David Hopkinson.

Hopkinson stated that the investigation of the case is still in its very early stages and the case is not handled as a murder case. The police detective of the criminal murder section said there was no sign of anyone trying to forcibly enter the house.

 A corpse was taken out of Barry Sherman's house A corpse was taken out of Barry Sherman's house Photo: REUTERS / Chris Helgren

Hopkinson also said police, firefighters and ambulances were both reported on medical problems 'just before the bodies were found on Friday (15/12) afternoon local time. "It's just a suspicious death, we're just investigating it now, if it has been determined it is a murder, then the investigators of the homicide unit will join it," Hopkinson said.

The couple is also known as a generous donor to the hospital , universities and Jewish organizations. Neighbors, business associates to influential politicians in Canada extend their condolences to their deaths.

"Our condolences to their family and colleagues, and to everyone who is touched by their vision and passion," said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau via Twitter .

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US Recognition of Jerusalem Like Throwing Bombs into the Middle East

 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan again criticized US President Donald Trump over his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Erdogan called Trump's decision like a bomb thrown into the Middle East.

In a recent statement delivered during the opening of a new subway line in Istanbul, as reported by AFP Saturday (16/12/2017), Erdogan insists Muslims will never accept the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital Israel.

"(US decision like) New bombs thrown into the Middle East's lap," Erdogan said in his latest statement.

Erdogan again reiterated his accusation that Israel is a 'terror state' because of its treatment of the Palestinians. "Trying to make Jerusalem a capital of a terrorist state is not a situation acceptable to Muslims," ​​he added.

Furthermore, Erdogan encourages world Muslims to take more decisive steps or face consequences.

"The decision of Jerusalem marks a new operation targeting the Muslim world, and if Muslims fail to show reactions in the legal framework necessary to deal with this issue, believe in me that there will be more to come," he said.

In a previous statement, Erdogan said Turkey was working on a number of steps at the United Nations to annul the US decision on Jerusalem. This step is not easy because the US who is a permanent member of the UN Security Council has a veto, which means any step against them will be blocked.

"We will seek an injunction for this unfair decision, first in the UN Security Council and if veto appear there, then to the General Assembly, "Erdogan said to the Turkish crowd at Konya. "There is no country in the world that is above international law," he added.

On Wednesday (13/12) local time, Erdogan chaired the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Summit (OIC Summit) which in its final statement declared East Jerusalem – now occupied by Israel – as the capital of a Palestinian state.

The OIC also called on the world's nations to recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. But in the meeting, OIC states did not agree on a concrete or specific sanction for the United States or Israel.

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Losing Foot In 2008, Palestinian Man Killed While Clashing in Gaza

Gaza City
Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh lost both legs in the 2008 Israeli raid. Despite having to sit in a wheelchair, Thurayeh was never lost to the protests in Gaza.

This week, Thurayeh is behind in protest protesting US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Nahas, 29-year-old man was killed in the latest clashes on the Gaza-Israel border on Friday (15/12) local time.

As reported by AFP Thurayeh is one of four Palestinians killed in a series of clashes in Gaza and the West Bank. Thurayeh was reportedly shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the clash.

The bachelor Thurayeh lives in his parents' home and has not worked since he lost both legs in an incident in 2008. The incident in question was an Israeli attack on the al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza in April 2008.

"He was injured in 2008, when Israeli helicopters targeted him after he lowered the Israeli flag and raised the Palestinian flag at the border," said Samir, Thurayeh's brother to AFP, after his death was confirmed on Friday (15/12) local time.

"It did not stop him from demonstrating for Jerusalem, he went alone to the border every day," he added. Photographs captured by journalists AFP show the moments when Thurayeh participated in a demonstration on the Gaza-Israel border in recent years.

In a video recorded on Friday (15/12) morning local time Thurayeh was seen carrying a Palestinian flag and waving it toward the Israeli army at the border. "I want to go there," Thurayeh said referring to the Gaza-Israel border. A number of young men who waved Palestinian flags were seen circling Thurayeh and several other young men throwing stones at the Israeli army.

A few hours before his death, Thurayeh reportedly climbed a power pole to fly the Palestinian flag. The eyewitnesses and journalists who saw him called Thurayeh desperate to climb even though he no longer had legs. Things that happened after that are not very clear. Palestinian protesters who gathered along the border continued to throw stones at the Israeli army until it led to clashes.

Later reports said two demonstrators were killed, one of them identified as Thurayeh. The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza claimed Thurayeh was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper.

The Israeli military refused to comment specifically on Thurayeh's death. They only mentioned violent clashes throughout the day. "The army opened fire selectively toward the main instigator," an Israeli military spokesman said.

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