Iraq Hanging Law 38 ISIS and Al Qaeda Members

 Iraqi authorities sentenced 38 members of ISIS and Al-Qaeda radical groups in the southern Iraqi province of Nasiriyah to the deaths.

The execution took place on Thursday (14/12) local time. This is the largest number of executions in Iraq in a single day since September 25, when 42 people were executed in the same prison.

"Prison officers on Thursday executed 38 death row inmates of al-Qaeda or Daesh (another name ISIS) charged terrorist activity, in the presence of Justice Minister Haidar al-Zameli, in Nasiriyah prison, "said Dakhel Kazem, senior council officer of the Nasiriya province. According to prison sources, they are all Iraqis, except for one person who also has Swedish citizenship.

Earlier on Saturday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory over ISIS after a three-year military operation which is supported by an international coalition led by the United States. The military operation has succeeded in regaining the territories occupied by ISIS.

International human rights organizations, including Amnesty International have repeatedly expressed concern over the use of capital punishment in Iraq. The country is one of the most executed countries in the world, which is in the order after China, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

"People who carry out deadly attacks on civilians must be tried, but executing is not the answer," Director of Middle East Research at Amnesty International, Lynn Maalouf.

"By performing another mass execution, the second time in three months, the Iraqi authorities once again show a blatant indifference to human life and dignity."

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Festive, Indonesia Cultural Night 2017 in Riyadh

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia and the Ministry of Tourism held "Indonesian Culture Night 2017" (MKI 2017) on Thursday (14/12) from 16:00 to 22:00 in the Embassy of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

According to PF Pensosbud KBRI Riyadh, Sunan J. Rustam as embodied in the press release received detikcom Friday (15/12/2017), the party of Indonesian art and culture is the first held by the Embassy of Riyadh and is the largest which was once held in the Diplomatic Quarter area of ​​Riyadh

In his speech, the Ambassador of Indonesia represented by Charge d'Affaires ai, Dicky Yunus, underlined the importance of this cultural party as a forum for promoting Indonesian culture to the Saudi Arabian public. In addition, the implementation of MKI 2017 is also not separated from the visit of King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud to Indonesia in March 2017, where in a very historic visit has been signed Memorandum of Understanding of Cultural Exchange Cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia with Ministry of Culture and Information of Saudi Arabia.

In addition to cultural diversity, Indonesia is also rich in a variety of cuisines, some of which are already familiar and well-liked by the people of Saudi Arabia. The enthusiasm of visitors is seen from the number of invitations reaching about 500 people consisting of diplomatic circles, travel agents, Saudi students interested Indonesian program for Foreign Speakers, journalists and others.

The event begins with a painting exhibition about the success of development, cultural diversity etc. The lively event was entertained by the performance of traditional dances performed by the students of the Indonesian School of Mecca, the Indonesian School of Jeddah and the Riyadh Indonesian School, alongside the Javanese gamelan as the opening act.

Rampak Kendang, an art from West Java, became the most interesting attraction . The special art team brought in from Indonesia and the players are very professional, has attracted the attention of visitors, both from the art of battering the club and how to interact with the visitors.

According to the Education and Culture Attaché of the Embassy of Riyadh, Achmad Ubaedillah, the presentation of the typical cuisine of Nusantara such as meatballs , fried rice, satay and snack market is also very attracted the attention of visitors in addition to serving typical drinks such as wedang ginger etc.

Not only that, visitors are also spoiled with the dish "nobar" Aisha: Let Us Brothers a movie produced in the year 2016 and tells the story of a beautiful girl with a sophisticated beauty who has a dream to become a teacher because he always remembered his father's message to share knowledge. Once he had the opportunity to teach at Atambua, the girl left her hometown. The village he is headed is inhabited by other religious communities. He must try to adapt life there, besides he also must strive to improve the quality of education in the remote village.

Aisyah's film choice recalls the current Government of Indonesia and Saudi Arabia is realizing Unity in Diversity in various fields. Visitors are also invited to interact about the content of the film Aisha and for those who can answer questions, the committee provides an attractive (door prize).

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Saudi air raid kills 10 Houthi rebels in Yemen

Saudi air raids and coalitions killed 10 members of the Houthi rebel group in Yemen. The attack was launched in Al-Hudeidah province, western Yemen.

According to the Turkish news agency, Anadolu Agency, Friday (15/12/2017) citing local sources, Saudi coalition forces launched an attack on Houthi locations in Hays district, Al-Hudeidah on Thursday (14/12) local time. No details are given on bombed locations.

Separately, five civilians were killed in a Saudi coalition air strike in Mawzi district of Taiz province in southwestern Yemen. Not mentioned in detail about the identity of the five dead and the target of the attack

Yemen has been plagued by turmoil and violence since 2014 when Houthi rebels control much of the country, including the capital of Sanaa.

Conflict in Yemen increases in year 2015, when the Saudis and their Arab allies launched air strikes against Houthi rebels, in support of the Yemeni government.

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Viral Police Photos Discover a 5 Meter Piton Snake While Night Patrol

A picture of a policeman who was on the night's picket was being viral on social media. In the photo seen the police found a python whose length is about 5 meters.

The incident took place in Queensland, Australia. The Queensland Police Service's Facebook account uploads a picture of the brave police officer.

"Boss, we need a higher ladder, while the night patrol near Wujul Wujul The officer is waiting for the snake to leave," wrote the Facebook account.

At that moment, fellow police officer got out of the car and took a photo. The snake then moves from the path.

Meanwhile, when interviewed by the BBC, the police who discovered the snake revealed there was no suspicion of any reptile animals.

"The size of a snake is about 5 meters You will never know what You face in a shift, "the policeman said.

As of Friday (15/12/2017), the photo post has got 32 thousand responses and 19,808 times shared.

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Peek Business Prospects at Rawabi, First Palestinian Metropolitan

Rawabi City is now like a beautiful princess. Almost all eyes of Arab, American and European businessmen are fixed in the city of 6,475 Kilo square meters and 25 kilometers north of Jerusalem. Especially the social entrepreneurs who are looking at development potential and economic opportunities in Palestine.

In the first week of April 2017, for example, 50 participants of "Forbes Summit Summit 30 under 30" traveled from Jerusalem to Rawabi. They wanted to see the city of Rawabi's great dream and the extraordinary achievements of the Palestinian children's son, Bashar Masri.

Through a subsidiary of Massar International Bayti Real Estate Investment Company, Masri developed the Rawabi megaproject. Construction work done in 2010, now Rawabi physical form has begun to appear.

 Inti Prospek Business in Rawabi, First Palestinian Metropolitan Photo: Documentation Rawabi

Rawabi became a city with many futuristic high-rise buildings. The city is equipped with high-tech facilities that are environmentally friendly. In addition to its position on the hilltop, Rawabi City presents exotic scenery, ranging from steep canyons, sunsets, and stunning blue sky.

Then what about business opportunities there?

Also read: This Rawabi, the First Metropolitan in Palestine [1945922] Founder of Rawabi City, Bashar Masri presented directly to 50 participants of the Forbes 30 under 30 Summit came in the first week of April. The meeting was deliberately held in the arena amphitheater Rawabi. The 15,000-seater arena is the largest in the Middle East.

"We want to make money," said Masri started greeting as quoted from, Friday (15/12/2017).

"But more importantly, we want to make the environment and life better for our society, we want to inspire young people and give them a chance," added Masri, the man born in Nablus, Palestine 1961.

Sir Ronald Cohen of The Portland Trust is optimistic that Rawabi will become a fast growing business center. Although the space for the store is less than other facilities. "If you think big, you will achieve more than you want.Rawabi is about profit with the goal: to provide measurable financial and social goodness that can be answered," he said in the same opportunity and place.

After Masri and Cohen gave a speech, six young Palestinian entrepreneurs presented their business model. The six young Palestinian businessmen include Dr. Adnan Copty, one of the founders of NIMD, a cancer care startup using microwave radiation whose office is based in Jerusalem.

Peter Abualzolof, one of the founders of Mashvisor, a startup of real estate technology in Ramallah. Mashvisor was the first Palestinian company elected to participate in 500 Startups. There was also Nancy Morrar of The Siraj Fund, who invested in a high-tech Palestinian company.

The three founders of the European Under 30 were also present at Rawabi at the time. They are Carla Brown from Game Dr. (UK), Alise Semjonova from Infogram (Latvia) and Mariano Kostelec from Uniplaces (Portugal).

On another occasion, Masri said it was persuading Microsoft, Google, and Apple to hire Palestinian programmers in the city, yet they committed. But he made sure there was one Israeli technology company that would open an office in Rawabi.

 Business Prospects at Rawabi, First Palestinian Metropolitan Nasdaq traded Mellanox Technologies Ltd., maker of high-speed data equipment and employs nearly 100 Palestinian programmers as well plans to move most of their activities to Rawabi this spring. Masri also continues to persuade other big companies in the world to come to Rawabi.

A Ramallah-based business consultant, Sam Bahour says the commitments of some investors in Rawabi can falter when Masri asks for more funds. Moreover, until now there has been no solution to the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Co. for example, is currently a partner of Bayti Real Estate Investment Company. Bahour likes this time Qatari Diar still bought a long string at Rawabi. But he could pull the rope back.

"The rope is longer than most of us, the rope is still there, and when it is pulled it (Rawabi) feels it," said Sam Bahour as quoted by Bloomberg.

There is also Mellanox CEO Eyal Waldman said as long as his company opened an office in the West Bank there have been three riots between Palestinians and the Israeli Army. But they still work in a team.

"We passed three small wars as we hired people in the West Bank, and we continue to work as a team," Eyal Waldman said. "We hope to continue growing," he continued.

Then, what about the Indonesian billionaires? Are there any of you interested in doing business on Palestinian land there?

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