A Firefighter Killed in a Malignant Fire in California

A firefighter was killed in one of California's largest fires, the United States throughout history. This tragic event occurred as firefighters continued to fight to extinguish the blaze in the state.

Cory Iverson, a San Diego-based firefighter, was killed while attempting to extinguish a fiery fi re named Thomas Fire in the Ventura County region. This was conveyed by Ken Pimlott, California Fire Department Chief or Cal Fire as reported by AFP news agency, Friday (15/12/2017). Not mentioned in detail about the incident

"I am very sad to report that the death of a firefighter has occurred in Thomas incident, Come with me to pray for the dead extinguisher and his loved ones," said Pimlott via Twitter account

Thomas Fire has burned nearly 100 thousand hectares of land since it first occurred ten days ago. Thomas Fire is the fourth largest fire in history in California.

Thousands of people have been evacuated and nearly 1,000 buildings have been burned by the fires. Approximately 18 thousand other buildings currently still threatened to burn. The fire has also killed a 70-year-old grandmother. The grandmother died from an accident while trying to escape from a fire by car.

According to the California Fire Department (Cal Fire), up to Thursday (14/12) local time, about 30 percent of the total fires have been successfully dealt with.

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US Tuding Iran Rebel Yemeni Army

US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Thursday accused Iran of illegally arming rebels in Yemen as part of what he called a bad behavior pattern in the region. VOA reporter at the UN, Margaret Besheer reported, Haley issued the statement while visiting a military base in Washington.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley revealed what he thought was the concrete and incontrovertible fact that Iran armed the Houthi rebels in Yemen. [19659003] "Of all these weapons, some are made in Iran, some are made by Iran's state-owned defense industry. This is all proof that Iran ignores the international community. And this is not just once. This evidence shows the pattern of Iranian behavior that spreads conflict and extremism. This is a direct violation of UN Security Council resolutions, "he explained.

Haley said the US government would invite Congress and the UN Security Council to examine the evidence found by Saudi Arabia in its territory.

A Saudi-led coalition has nearly four year-old air strike targeting the Houthi rebel group in Yemen, after the group overthrew the country's legitimate president. The coalition has also long maintained a blockade at Yemeni airports and ports that prevented the sending of humanitarian aid to millions of starving civilians.

Haley welcomed the report of UN Secretary General António Guterres who focused on Iran's efforts to comply with a nuclear deal reached in 2015 .

While mentioning that Iran abides by the agreement, the report also includes detailed information submitted by some countries about the weapons they confiscated in Yemen and surrounding areas that are likely to be rebels from Iran. But the report did not exactly conclude the origins of the missiles they found.

The Iranian Foreign Minister, via Twitter, denied the US allegations. Meanwhile, a statement from the Iranian mission at the United Nations called the allegations unfounded, irresponsible, provocative and destructive.

Haley said President Donald Trump's government would form a coalition to suppress Iran's bad behavior.

"We will not shut up and let it go. We will act not only aggressively but also violently. We will make the international community aware of this threat in real terms, "Haley said.

He said the president would cooperate with Congress and he would seek the support of the UN Security Council to address the Iranian threat. [ab/lt]

Japan Imposes New Sanctions Against North Korea

Japan on Friday froze assets of 19 companies to increase pressure on North Korea to repatriate the Japanese kidnapped in the 1970s and 1980s and to stop its missile-making and nuclear weapons.

Companies that have been subject to sanctions by the United States is engaged in finance, coal and minerals, transportation including shipments and shipments of North Korean labor abroad.

An official of the Foreign Ministry said this unilateral move demonstrates Japan's commitment to sanctions ahead of the Security Council United Nations in New York on Friday to discuss the situation of North Korea

Japan has now freeze assets of 103 companies and organizations and 108 people under self-imposed sanctions as well as those established under UN Security Council resolutions. Of these, 56 groups and 62 individuals were subject to unilateral sanctions by Japan.

Japan's Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga says Japan will continue to pressure North Korea to seek a solution to the problems of its kidnapped citizens as well as nuclear and missile issues.

Agencies North Korea kidnaps Japanese citizens to train spies to escape as Japanese.

Also Friday, the UN's independent human rights investigator in North Korea, Tomas Ojea Quintana, meets with the families of abducted Japanese citizens. [uh]

US Targets Assistance for Most of Somalia's Military

The United States suspends aid to most of the Somali Armed Forces over concerns about corruption. This was confirmed by US officials on Thursday.

The suspension reflects Somalia's repeated inability to account for relief materials such as food, fuel and weapons.

A State Department official said the "pause" of the aid was " ensuring that American aid is used effectively and in accordance with its stated objectives. "

Members of Somali security forces actively fighting al-Shabab and receiving some sort of guidance from America or a third party will continue to receive appropriate assistance, the official said. [19659002] He added that the Somali government has agreed to develop new accountability criteria that meet American standards, so that other Somali units accept American aid in a way that "builds greater transparency."

According to documents obtained by Reuters, the Somali military is not can feed, pay or extend "A team of Americans and Somalis sent to evaluate nine Somali military bases between May and June this year found that all, except for two bases, showed no evidence that food aid arrived or "The plan to suspend aid would be a major setback to Somalia's efforts to combat al-Shabab," said Somalia's former Defense Minister General Abdulkadir Ali Dini. He added that the decision to suspend the aid was taken by America without giving the Somali government time and opportunity to prepare alternative plans. [uh]

Trump Criminals, The Issue Jerusalem Can Trigger Terrorism

Kuala Lumpur
 Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad called United States President Donald Trump a criminal. Mahathir warned that Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel would spark terrorism.

"Today we have an international bully, Trump, look for someone of your size, this will only arouse the anger of Muslims," ​​Mahathir said. ahead of protesters who gathered outside the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to protest against Trump's decision on Jerusalem.

"We must use all our strength to fight this criminal who is the President of the United States," the head of Malaysia's opposition coalition said.

Mahathir also called on all Muslim countries to sever ties with Israel. Mahathir also said Trump's decision "will cause what is called terrorism."

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin Yassin, another opposition leader, called on the Malaysian government not to continue with US investment plans.

Earlier last week, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak called on Muslims worldwide to oppose the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The status of Jerusalem so far is one of the obstacles to the creation of an Israeli-Palestinian peace. Israel regards Jerusalem as its undivided eternal capital and wants to place all the foreign embassies in the holy city for the three religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism. On the other hand, the Palestinians want east Jerusalem as the capital of the country in the future.
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