US Secretary of State Tillerson to Meet Hariri Hari Today

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will meet Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri in Paris today, Friday (8/12), the US State Department said in a statement on Thursday (7/12).

The two will meet on the sidelines of a meeting of foreign ministers of the International Lebanese Support Group, consisting of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Hariri withdrew his resignation on Tuesday, ending a crisis that arose after he announced his resignation while in Saudi Arabia.

The Lebanese coalition government that includes Iranian-backed Shiite Hezbollah clans affirms the policy of not engaging in political conflicts in Arab countries.

According to a statement by the US Foreign Ministry, Tillerson will encourage the Lebanese government and other countries to act aggressively in restricting Hezbollah's activities that lead to instability in the region. [ds]

New 'Hot Spot' Africa for ISIS

Chairman of the House Homeland Security Commission of the United States said Africa will be a "new hot spot" for Islamist extremism, amid concerns over ISIS migration and recruitment after US-led forces in Iraq reclaim ISIS territory.

"They are looking for areas that the government has not touched as a refuge," Michael Thomas McCaul, Sr. said on Wednesday (6/12). "Africa will be that point, it will be a hot spot."

Speaking at a House Foreign Affairs Commission hearing, Deputy Foreign Minister John Sullivan, his side tracked the direction of the ISIS militant flight was a priority for the foreign ministry

We are very focused on where the terrorists run, where they go, "Sullivan added.

He said parts of the African continent, especially northeastern Nigeria and Libya, appeared to be ISIS militant destinations. But he stressed the problem of African extremism can not be solved by military action alone, and that good governance is essential to help meet the needs of people across the continent. [ds]

US decision on Jerusalem can strengthen Islamist party

Islamist parties make use of the American decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as a supporter in the election campaign in Muslim countries.

President Trump's Decree on Wednesday (6/12) and clashes between protesters and security forces in the Palestinian territories. The rally is expected to be held Friday prayers in various countries, from Indonesia to Turkey.

It is unclear how long and how many waves of anti-American sentiment will take place, and whether it will be accompanied by terror attacks or other violence as predicted by some world leaders.

An interesting country to observe is Pakistan, which is experiencing an increase in religious conservatism. The Pakistani government has dismissed US pressure to expel extremist groups accused of launching attacks in Afghanistan. Islamabad, who does not recognize Israel's presence as a state, denies protecting terrorist groups.

Pakistani Islamist Hafiz Saeed, accused of orchestrating terrorist attacks in India, was released from house arrest last week. Hafiz announced that the group he led, Jamaat-ud-Dawa, would take part in the May elections and could take advantage by evoking anti-American sentiment. America has declared Jamaat-ud-Dawa a terrorist organization. [ds]

Confession of Jerusalem Not Kill the Peace Process

The White House on Thursday denied that President Donald Trump's decision to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem meant that America withdrew from the Middle East peace process.

"In a statement, the President said the United States remains committed on the peace process, and want to continue to encourage discussion and discussion about it, "White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters. "I think the hope of all parties is to reach a peace agreement. The United States is very committed to it, "Sanders added.

A day after Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Russia's ambassador to Israel Alexander Shein said Moscow might move its embassy to West Jerusalem," after Israel and Palestine agree on all the issue of the final status of the Palestinian territories. "

The Russian Foreign Ministry, in a statement supposedly shocked by Israel, says Moscow considers East Jerusalem a future Palestinian capital. Therefore, Moscow feels it must be stated that West Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. [ds]

America will deport 70 Cambodians

The Cambodian Immigration Service confirmed that about 70 Cambodians would be deported from America in December, according to immigration activists.

Southeast Asia Resource Center (SEARAC) said in a statement Wednesday that deportation is likely to be two groups, and the first departed before the end of year holiday season.

"We strongly condemn the deportation of refugees and family separation. The merciless step of the American and Cambodian governments to terrorize people ahead of the year-end holiday season is highly reprehensible, "said Quyen Dinh, director of SEARAC.

As VOA has reported, many Cambodian residents of the Khmer Rouge regime suffer from post-traumatic disorder, which makes it difficult for them to blend in American life.

The US Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement says more than 1,900 Cambodians in America have been ordered to be deported. Of these, 1,412 were ever found guilty in court on charges of committing a crime. [ds]