Trump, US Congress Leader Meets Discuss Budget

President Donald Trump met Thursday with Congressional leaders to discuss government spending issues while Friday's deadline for the budget is drawing closer. They must at least approve a short-term funding bill to prevent the government from stopping the operation.

Senate and House Leaders Minorities, Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi boycotted a White House meeting last week after Trump said he did not expect them to reach deal. However, earlier this week, Schumer and Pelosi said they would be present in the new talks with their Republican counterparts.

In his pastime, Trump condemned Schumer and Pelosi last week, saying they wanted illegal immigrants to flood our country , they are weak against evil, and are about to raise taxes. But in his most recent craze, Trump praised them for "they put the interests of the American people on top of partisan sentiments." [jm]

Demonstrators of Republican Faction and Democrats Threaten the Closure of Federal Government Activities

The Democrats have still not recovered from the resentment of the passing of Republican tax reforms in the Senate but the bill's victory makes the Democrat Party increasingly critical in the process of forming a Republican-led government budget, consequently there is concern that this situation has an impact on closing of government activities.

House Speaker Paul Ryan called the bill the Senate passed on Saturday morning "monumental reform" as he and other Republican leaders still celebrate the bill's victory.

"This is a monumental reform. And we do it the right way. We start with the framework, then submit the House of Representatives bill through the committee, "said Ryan.

Meanwhile, Republican leaders in the House are adamant on their plans to extend short-term budgets for the government to operate despite opposition from the extreme right calling himself Freedom Caucus.

The Congress faces a deadline Friday (8/12) midnight to fund government agencies or face the risk of partial halting of its activities.

Pete Sessions, chairman of the House Rules Committee on Tuesday told reporters that the House the temporary budget for two weeks until December 22.

This will give Republicans and Democrats time to negotiate items from their respective agendas in the last minute such as the total amount of the budget, funds for child health care and disaster relief .

House Speaker Paul Ryan expressed his optimism that the power of m the Republican minority in the House will ease the passage of the budget

"I think we will reach the majority. We will get 218 votes to pass the 'Sustainable Resolution' we have this week. We negotiate with the members on the right way to do it. "

Conservative Parliamentarian Freedom Caucus wants a budget extension until December 30, fearing that too short a time will benefit the Democrats in negotiations.

Though The House Speaker expressed his optimism that President Donald Trump blamed Wednesday on the Democrat Party which made it difficult to pass the government budget.

"The government's closure could have happened, the Democrats really play with something very dangerous for our country, they want the government closed. want illegal immigrants to enter, and in many cases people we do not want to be in our country, "Trump said.

Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress meet with President Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday (7/12 ). [my/jm]

Hundreds of people protest in front of US embassy in Jakarta

Declaration of recognition is in line with the interests of Israel which has long claimed Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Zionist state and can not be shared with the Palestinians. Israel has established its unilateral claim through the Basic Law of Jerusalem endorsed by the Knesset (parliament of Israel) in 1980.

This trumpy controversial statement triggered the wrath of Muslims worldwide, including Indonesia. About 500 people from various elements, including Nahdhatul Ulama, Al-Aqsa Working Group, on Friday (8/12), held a rally in front of the American Embassy in Jakarta. Similar demonstrations also took place in several areas.

The demonstrators carried banners, among them the words "Trump is Enemy of Humanity," "Jerusalem Will Never Be the Capital of Israel," and "Jerusalem Remains the Capital of Palestine."

In addition to bertakbir, the demonstrators also shouted yells "Jerusalem of Our Rights."

Protesters from Nahdahtul Ulama burned American flags and the words "Fuck Trump" with used tires. There was a mutual thrust when the police tried to extinguish the fire. Nearly 100 police were on guard without weaponry during the demonstration.

Al-Aqsa Group Director Agus Sudarmaji explained his side had a number of attitude statements. First, rejects Trump's plan to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv's Capital to Jerusalem

"It is a statement validating Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, whereas Jerusalem is not Israel's," Agus said. "Jerusalem belongs internationally under international law, and secondly we support the diplomatic action of Indonesia to commit rejection acts."

Through demonstrations protesting against Trump's controversial remarks, Agus hopes Indonesians will keep abreast of the situation in the Middle East. He also expects Americans to hear rejection submitted by Indonesian Muslims.

Agus further said it still believes diplomacy is the best way to help the Palestinians free from Israeli occupation.

Chairman of the Association of Students Nahdhatul Ulama (IPNU) Asep Irfan Mujahid emphasized Trump's announcement of Jerusalem violating the United Nations agreement and violating the rights of the Palestinian people. "We want Donald Trump to rectify his statements, which must be drawn back, and demand the United Nations to recognize the full independence of Palestine, the sovereignty of Palestine as a whole country, "said Asep.

Chairman of the Indonesia-Palestine Friendship Initiative Din Syamsuddin said Jerusalem should not be controlled by a country.

" Jerusalem as a holy city, each Jewish, Muslim, Christian "said Din.

The United Nations Security Council plans to hold an emergency session Friday to discuss America's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Arab League will also hold meetings to discuss similar agendas. [fw/lt]

US Secretary of State in Paris to Support Lebanese PM

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Friday (8/12) is in Paris to express American support for Lebanon's "sovereignty, stability and freedom", while French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday called on the Eastern states Middle East refrain from interfering in Lebanon's internal affairs.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri also attends a summit of world diplomats in France supporting his country. This is the first major meeting of key countries to discuss Lebanon's future since the crisis broke out there, following Hariri's shocking resignation last month while he was in Saudi Arabia. After that Hariri canceled his resignation.

The meeting was a show of support for Hariri following the shocking resignation, which is believed to be due to being regulated by Saudi Arabia. Lebanon holds one million refugees from Syria, called the UN, and European countries have declared themselves to maintain the country's stability.

State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said Tillerson would affirm American support for the Lebanese army. He said Tillerson would also encourage other countries to do more to stem Hezbollah and claim that by doing so, it would encourage a stronger and more stable Lebanon. Hariri via Twitter wrote upon arrival in Paris that the meeting was also important to support Lebanon's economy. [uh]

Officers Trying to Quit New Fires near San Diego

Firefighters in Southern California battled a new fire north of San Diego that spread rapidly.

Overnight until early Friday, officers attempted to cope with fires that engulfed an area of ​​more than 4,000 hectares.

California Fire Brigade Chairman Nick Schuller said the fire had destroyed or damaged nearly three dozen buildings as it moved west toward the cities of Oceanside and Camp Pendleton.

Meanwhile, officials said late Thursday, wildfires to the north Los Angeles destroyed 439 homes and buildings.

The biggest fire was Thomas Fire, which raged about 90 kilometers northwest of Los Angeles. So far, Thomas Fire has swept over an area of ​​over 47,000 hectares.

Just a few weeks earlier, wildfires raging in Northern California killed 44 people and destroyed 8,900 houses and other buildings. [uh]