Land Fires at Year End "New Reality"

California Governor Jerry Brown warns that forest fires will still continue to engulf the state while firefighters are trying to overcome six major fires that have killed at least one person and damaged hundreds of homes.

Brown reviews the damage in Ventura County, California, north of Los Angeles, one of the few worst-hit areas of the week.

"The incident is increasingly widespread," Brown said, blaming climate change as a cause of the increasing danger of forest fires by the end of the year.

"We face reality only in this state where the flames are life-threatening, property, settlements, and certainly billions of dollars, "Brown told reporters.

Approximately 87,000 people are still displaced, dwindling from over 200,000 earlier this week.

Since Monday, the fire had burned an area of ​​more than 670 square kilometers. [vm]

UN Officials, North Korea Agree on Korea's Hazardous Peninsula Situation

The United Nations says its political chief and the North Korean Foreign Minister agree that the situation on the Korean peninsula is currently the most dangerous security issue in the world.

UN Under Secretary General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, Friday (8/12) returning from a four-day trip to North Korea. During his visit, he met with officials including Foreign Minister of North Korea, Ri Yong Ho.

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said on Saturday that Feltman and North Korean officials agreed that the Korean situation was "a peace issue and the most stressful and dangerous security "in today's world."

Feltman's visit comes amid tensions between North Korea, South Korea, Japan and the United States, triggered by a series of North Korean missile launches.

Dujarric says Feltman tells North Korea that there is only a diplomatic solution. [vm]

The Arab Foreign Ministers slam the Trump Decision on Jerusalem

Arab Foreign Ministers started an emergency meeting on Saturday in the Egyptian capital, criticizing US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

They consider the move to tarnish Washington's image as a mediator honestly in the Middle East peace process.

The Arab League meeting, attended by foreign ministers of member states, was held while protests continued for three consecutive days in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In Cairo, the head of Egypt's largest Christian church on Saturday announced it will not meet US Vice President Mike Pence when he visits Cairo on December 20, in line with a decision taken Friday by the country's highest Muslim cleric.

Hundreds of pilgrims protest Trump's decision after Friday prayers at the Al-Azhar mosque, but the security forces prevented them from marching downtown.

Trump's decision on Jerusalem , and his intention to move the US Embassy there, inviting criticism from around the world. Even close allies suggest Trump has encouraged more conflict in the already fragile region. [vm]

Ancient Egyptian tomb of 3,500 years ago found in Luxor

Egyptian archaeologists discovered an ancient tomb in Luxor, southern Egypt. It is estimated that the tomb came from the kingdom in Egypt from 3,500 years ago.

As quoted by the BBC, Sunday (10/12/2017), archaeologists also found a mummy in the ancient tomb. The mummy is believed to be a senior official of the new Egyptian kingdom.

Graves found in the burial area of ​​Draa Abul Naga. An area famous for temples and burial places. Here also close to the valley of the kings. Many Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were buried there.

Until now the process of identification of the mummy figure is still done. There are two possibilities described by the Egyptian ministry of antiquities. First it could be that mummy named Djehuty Mes. It was seen from the name carving on the wall.

It could also be a mummy named Maati whose name is written in a funeral cone.

In September 2017, archaeologists also discovered the tomb of a royal goldsmith near Luxor. Inside the meal there was a statue of the Amehnemhat goldsmith sitting next to his wife.

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Snow Thickness, Kim Jong-Un 'Daki' North-North Border of China

 North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is climbing Mount Paektu on the border of North Korea and China. The mountain has a height of 2,744 mdpl.

Kim Jong-Un is wearing leather shoes called 'smart shoes', to penetrate deep snow. In the event, Kim Jong-Un asked the monument to the top and monuments that are close to the school to be cleaned.

 Snow Thickness, Kim Jong-Un'Daki ​​'North Korea-Border Frontier Photo: KCNA via Reuters [19659003] He also asked for the construction of hotels and resting places in the mountains that hold myth and sacred to the people of North Korea.

"Kim said that he often climbed Mount Paektu, but this is the first time in the middle of winter," wrote Rodong newspaper, as reported by detikcom from The Independent on Sunday (10/12/2017 )

In addition to this time, Kim Jong-Un is said to have climbed this mountain two years ago.

 Snow Thickness, Kim Jong-Un'Daki ​​'North Korea-Border Frontier Photo: KCNA via Reuters [19659003] In photos of climbing activities, Kim Jong-Un appears to be wearing a formal shirt suit and carrying no special equipment for climbing.
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