Israeli Military Commander Seeks to Steal Apples from Palestinian Traders

West Bank
 A commander of the Israeli military squad was found to have stolen an apple from a Palestinian merchant in the West Bank town of Hebron. The Israeli army also suspended the squad's commander.

The Israeli army was caught stealing an apple from a Palestinian merchant who escaped clashes between Israeli troops and Palestinian demonstrators on Sunday (10/12). The Israeli army responded by suspending the army.

"This behavior we did not expect from a soldier or a commander in the Israeli military,"

"The commander (who stole the apple) was suspended and will be punished with discipline," he added, according to the Israeli military in a statement. Anadolu Agency .

The Israeli military did not mention the identity of the commander stationed at the Givati ​​Brigade. It was not mentioned in detail about the disciplinary sanctions imposed on the Israeli commander.

The incident came amid tensions following the announcement of US President Donald Trump on Wednesday that officially recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The announcement was made even though previous world leaders had warned that the move would spark a new wave of violence in the Middle East region.

Trump stated that his government would also begin the process of transferring the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. "I have decided that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel," Trump said in a speech at the White House on Wednesday, saying, that with this step, he fulfilled one of his promises during the presidential election campaign.

(ita / ita)

California Continues to Extinguish Fires

Firefighters are continuing to extinguish fires erupted by strong winds in southern California, including new and emerging fires in northern San Diego.

Over the past five days hundreds of buildings including luxury homes millions of dollars have been burned to ashes while firefighters are trying to extinguish fires in several locations that have displaced about 190,000 residents from their homes.

Mike Deponce, public relations officer of the Santa Barbara Fire Department said, "Now this widespread fire estimated at more than 52 thousand hectares, 425 houses have been confirmed destroyed with several hundred other buildings have also been burned. "

" To my friends and family, I always describe the situation is like a war zone, with homes destroyed and tragedy which befell the families who live there, not to mention the beauty nature in the region that is now gone. "

Add Mike Deponce. More than 5,700 firefighters with helicopters sprayed water and fire-fighting chemicals to withstand the escalation of major fires in six locations and a small fire that broke out on Monday.

President Donald Trump has issued an emergency statement for the state of California , which paved the way for federal agencies to coordinate relief efforts for the fire victims. [ds]

Christmas Market in Washington DC Enliven Holiday Season

The holiday spirit is felt in the holiday market in downtown Washington DC. Here, some visitors are busy shopping, others are busy enjoying musical entertainment amidst the festive atmosphere as well as the distinctive late-year decorations.

A visitor, David Schindler, says this seasonal market provides an opportunity to gather with many people.

"People can gather rather than stay home and watch TV. We can get together and listen to fun music and shopping. It reminds me of markets in Europe, "he said.

The seasonal market tradition of open air began in Europe at the end of the Middle Ages and was brought to the United States by German immigrants.

Handmade crafts are sold on the market of Washington DC which was flooded with locals as well as tourists.

Tom Rall is the organizer of the holiday market, saying, "This market is visited by people who live around this place as well as people from out of town and abroad who visit this tourist city. my uniqueness lies in people who sell and buy. "

160 local artists and exhibitors held their wares. This year, baby clothing and soap are the bestsellers sold.

Shopping or not, all enjoying it – including Crystal Staebell.

"I am so happy with this market atmosphere that many people gather, admire the goods sold I like all the handmade stuff, it's all local, so it's not anywhere else, "he said.

In addition to crafts, a lot of appetizing food is also offered here. The organizers hope everyone who comes to this holiday market gets an unforgettable experience. [vm/jm]

US economy adds 228 thousand jobs in November

The American economy recorded an impressive month, adding 228 thousand jobs in November. The unemployment rate is now the lowest for 17 years, remaining unchanged at 4.1 percent. But even as more and more are returning to the workforce, labor recruiters say that the labor market is changing so employers and employees should be ready.

The growth of the US economy is at a more than expected pace and stock prices hit new highs, in November to month full of employee receipts, said Mark Hambrick of

"It's really quite remarkable – having an economic expansion beginning in the middle of 2009, and the economy is still experiencing a growth that really creates a huge amount of jobs every month , and also its prospects are good enough for the coming year, "Hambrick said.

Although wage increases remain disappointing, according to a recent survey by the National Association for Business Economics, consumer spending remains high. But while many job vacancies, the recruiting companies say, the number of people who can do the work is reduced.

"So many new technologies, it means so many new types of open jobs, and ironically, despite many jobs, not many people can fill it, so scarcity of skilled manpower, "said Jim Stroud of Randstad.

Entrepreneurs respond by changing the recruitment strategy. In the latest Talent Trends report of Randstad Sourceright, more than 60 percent of companies surveyed plan to replace one-third of their permanent employees' positions, receiving more casual workers and independent contractors.

But the shift to an economy called a gig (temporary worker, or freelancers) poses challenges for traditional workers.

To compete in a rapidly changing work environment, recruiters say – people should remain flexible and continue to hone skills accordingly, Jim Stroud said of Randstad Sourceright.

"More and more we are willing to learn and continue to adapt then we will be more valuable, "added Stroud. [ps/al]

Thailand Causes Military Credentials Allegedly Natural Physical Attacks

A Thai Thai army man whose deaths are reaping national attention because his organs disappear mysteriously shows signs of his physical assault, his family said Sunday, citing autopsies ahead of the juvenile cemetery.

Military said Pakapong Ask, an 18-year-old, died of heart failure at a military school outside Bangkok in October.

But his family – who is skeptical about the cause of official deaths – conducted his own examinations and was shocked to learn that his brain, heart, bladder, and Pakapong's stomach is gone, a mystery that sparked military accusations covering up the truth, sparked public outrage and turned the case into national news.

This new finding adds pressure on the country's military to explain what happened to the first-year cadet. His case raises concerns about the treatment of new conscripts.

Four officers have been relocated and former army chief and now – Prime Minister Prayuth Chan Ocha said that he deeply regrets the death. [as]