Paris launches a vast plan for biodiversity

A festival of biodiversity, the reconquest of spaces now covered with bitumen and adapted urban planning regulations are among the actions that will launch Paris in a Biodiversity Plan 2018-2024 to preserve and diversify the fauna and the flora in the capital, announced the city on Wednesday.

The city has a "moral obligation, in terms of climate issues, to preserve biodiversity", also very officially named Honorary Citizen of the City on September 26, 2016 Pénélope Komités, deputy mayor of Paris PS Mayor Anne Hidalgo, told the press.

The plan, which will be debated in the Paris Council in mid-March after a wide consultation of associations and organizations. elected, is divided into 30 actions with the aim of "making Paris an exemplary city" to preserve and develop biodiversity and educate the inhabitants.

Paris, a dense and mineral city, nevertheless benefits from a to see biodiversity on 16% of its territory, with its two large woods, its canals, embankments, cemeteries, rich in numerous animal and plant species.

However, it faces, as on a world scale, the rarefaction of 'species like the emblematic sparrow of which three out of four individuals have disappeared in 13 years, according to Mrs Komitès

The plan includes some major objectives such as increasing the proportion of "permeable surfaces" outside buildings in the city from 30% to 50% , in this case to revive the earth sidewalks, pavements, etc., now covered with bitumen.

"We will strengthen the green and blue frames", ecological corridors of plants and water that allow species to circulate and expand, added the assistant who also evokes planning regulations to allow the nesting of birds or garden labeling by the League of Bird Protection (LPO).

Fifteen initiative Concretions will be announced in March.

In addition to some creations of gardens or wetlands, the Esplanade Saint-Louis in front of the Château de Vincennes in the XIIth arrondissement, today a kind of unused parking, should see its central part arranged in "meadow".

A "Make Paris of biodiversity" will take place from April 22 to June 10 with animations, visits, educational workshops, etc.

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