President Duterte Allows Chinese Research in the Philippines Near Sea

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's decision to allow China to undertake research on the continental shelf The Philippine Pacific Ocean increases the risk of new outrage among Filipinos who have no faith in the stronger Beijing.

Duterte allows Chinese ships examined Benham Rise, a 13 million-acre, marine-rich submarine plain, this month and for scientific research, officials from both countries said.

The Philippine President opened ties with China shortly after landing mid-term position in 2016. His approach with China has calmed the maritime sovereignty dispute that has been strongly opposed to both sides since 2012. China pledged $ 24 billion in 2016 to help build a relatively poor Philippines, and its military is weaker

Duterte also permitted Chinese research ships are working on Benham Rise dal am in 2016. When the people of the Philippines learned about it a few months later, he was criticized by opponents in the influential Philippine legislature and news media.

He faced yet another anger of the people now, experts say.

"People are concerned that China certainly conducts research for its own interests, the people will know it, "said Maria Ela Atienza, professor of political science at the University of the Philippines Diliman. "In the Philippines, there is a great sense of distrust regarding China," he added. [gp]

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