Rohingya Refugees Facing Emergency Situations Ahead of the Rainy Season

United Nations refugee agency UNHCR says Rohingya refugees housed in camps outside Myanmar are now facing a new emergency due to the monsoon season. A UNHCR representative on Tuesday said the Burmese government had not yet confirmed the end of the threat of violence that forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee.

The United States urged the UN Security Council on Tuesday to hold the military leaders responsible for "ethnic cleansing" Rohingyas.

The United Nations says more than 100,000 Rohingya refugees live in flood-prone areas and landslides. UNHCR High Commissioner Filippo Grandi said Tuesday that tens of thousands of refugees should be relocated soon.

"With the emergence of a new emergency, we are now racing against time. The rainy season will start this March, "said Grandi.

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Di Under the international pressure, the Myanmar government agreed to allow a number of Rohingya citizens to return to Rakhine state.

Myanmar Ambassador to the UN Hau Do Suan said, "We have made the necessary preparations and are now ready to receive the first group of returning refugees." [19659002] But reporters found continuing violence against Muslim minority groups in Rakhine state.

UN deputy head of state for political affairs Miroslav Jenca said, "Reuters news agency published a report written by journalists on the murder of 10 men, male Rohingya in the village of Inn Din, Maungdaw, in the northern part of Rakhine. The Associated Press also reported five mass graves in the village of Gu Dar Pyin in Buthidaung. "

Since then, two Reuters journalists have been imprisoned and international investigation teams are not allowed to see locations where alleged violence has occurred.

Bangladesh said the Rohingyas from the state of Rakhine were still entering their country.

Bangladesh Ambassador to the UN Masud bin Momen said, "The remaining Rohingyas in the north of Rakhine are still continuing across the border; escape from cruelty, persecution and hunger. In the first 10 days of this month, there are 1,500 new refugees arriving in Bangladesh. "

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has urged the UN Security Council to address this atrocity in Myanmar

" In this situation we can not pretend not to know. What is happening in Myanmar and what is still happening there is not good. The council should hold the military accountable for action and pressure Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi to acknowledge the terrible acts committed in her country. There is no more reason not to act, "said Haley.

Nikki Haley also called for two journalists of the Reuters news agency arrested for reporting the Muslim-Rohingya massacre also immediately released. [em/ii]

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