Syrian Rocket Attack to Turkey, 2 Killed and 11 Injuries

 Rockets were fired from Syria to southern Turkey. As a result, two died and 11 others were injured.

Reported by AFP on Thursday (25/1/2018), the rocket firing occurred on Wednesday (24/1) by Kurdish militia group Syria. The incident took place on the fifth day of the assault of Ankara to the Kurdish militia of Syria that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wished to eliminate.

A rocket was launched in the afternoon before it hit and destroyed a mosque on the border of Turkey's Kilis province.

"The next rocket struck a house," said Killi Governor Mehmet Tekinarslan.

The two dead were Turkish and Syrian respectively. Governor Mehmet said the attack was the responsibility of the Kurdish militia from the People's Protection Units (YPG) group.

On Saturday, Turkey launched an 'Olive Branch' operation that targeted Syrian and YPG rebels. The operation was encouraged to drive the YPG group from the district of Afrin in northern Syria.

A few hours before the rocket attack, President Erdogan said that Syrian opposition fighters and Turkish troops were getting closer in control of the Afrin district.

"Until the last terrorist neutralized, this operation will continue, "he vowed.

Ankara sees YPG as a terror group linked to the forbidden Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) for uprising in Turkey for three decades. PKK itself incorporated Ankara and its Western allies in the blacklist as terror organizations.

However, YPG is still working with the US Washington party against Islamic extremist groups in Syria.
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