When former FBI chief accuses Trump of being "morally unfit" to be president

Donald Trump is "morally unfit" to lead the United States, said former director FBI James Comey in an interview with ABC TV broadcast Sunday, April 15. Throughout this interview, Mr. Comey, who was fired in 2017 by Mr. Trump as FBI leader, paints a very bleak portrait of the president, portrayed as a liar "dirtying everyone around him".

"I do not believe in those stories that he is mentally deficient or in the early stages of dementia," said Mr. Comey. "I do not think he's medically unfit, I think he's morally unfit to be president." "Our president must embody respect and adhere to the values ​​that are at the heart of our country.The most important (of these values) is the truth.This president is not able to do that," said Mr. Comey. 19659003] "The problem with this president is that he is messing with everyone around him," the former FBI leader said. "And the question is (…) what level of fouling finally renders you unfit to achieve your goal of protecting the country and serving it."

Vitriol Portrait

And Mr. Comey Grounds the Grievances Against Mr. . Trump. "A person who talks about women and treats them like pieces of meat, who is constantly lying about the important things as well as about the little things and insists that the American people believe them, this person is not fit to be president from the United States, for moral reasons "

M. Trump fired Mr Comey in 2017, questioning how the FBI conducted the investigation into Democratic Hillary Clinton's illegal use of a private email server when she was secretary of state. The president also lambasted the FBI's investigation into suspicions of collusion between Trump's team and Russian officials during the campaign for the 2016 presidential election.

M. Comey has just published a 300-page book titled "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership" in which he portrays Mr. Trump's vitriol, accusing him of being obsessed with his image and caring little about the good public. The book presents Donald Trump as a mafia boss, a dishonest and egocentric being

M. Trump, for its part, was once again unleashed Sunday against the former head of the FBI in a series of tweets. He wrote that Ms. Clinton's email investigation was conducted "stupidly" and called Mr. Comey "scraping".

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Botswana accuses US of "encouraging poaching of elephants"

Botswana President Ian Khama on Friday accused the US government of encouraging elephant poaching following its recent decision to rescind the sporting trophy ban.

M . Khama was speaking at a conference on African elephant conservation in Botswana

"I want to take this moment to condemn in the strongest terms the decision made by the Trump administration which issued the 1 March a memorandum with immediate effect, according to which the US government would consider issuing permits for certain elephant trophies from six African countries, "said Khama.

" I think this administration undermines our efforts and also encourages poaching because it knows that our laws prohibit hunting in Botswana, "he added.

The decision of the US Department of the Interior would allow on a case-by-case basis the import of tusks and hides. elephants killed in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe

In 2012, a picture of Donald Trump's son, Donald Junior, holding a knife and an elephant's tail at side of a The buffalo carcass on a hunting trip to Zimbabwe provoked international condemnation.

Thirty African countries called on the European Union (EU) to ban the ivory trade, during a summit in Botswana to protect elephants and fight against poaching.

Presidents of Botswana Ian Khama, Uganda's Yoweri Museveni and Gabon Ali Bongo signed a petition with 29 other countries on the continent once again, Europe "to close its ivory market"

The EU, "the world's largest exporter of legal ivory", exported "1,258 defenses in 2014 and 2015, more than than in the previous eight years, "according to the Avaaz organization behind the petition.

The EU has since advised its member countries to export only carved ivory rather than natural defenses.

But this legal trade could fuel the demand for ivory and serve to mask its illegal trade thus, warned Avaaz.

"At the current rate, elephants that live in the wild could disappear in a few decades "according to the release.

"European officials told us that they could not ban ivory because there were not enough African officials who wanted it," said Bert Wander, Campaign Manager at Avaaz.

"The rest of the world turns its back on ivory trafficking, why not Europe?"

The African continent has only 415,000 elephants, 111,000 fewer than in the last decade, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Every year 30,000 pachyderms are killed.

Trump openly accuses the FBI of bias in the Russian investigation

Donald Trump publicly called into question on Friday the integrity of the highest echelons of the Justice Ministry and the FBI that he accuses of "politicizing" the investigation into Russian interference in the election presidential vote in favor of his Democratic opponents.

US President approved the declassification of a confidential note drafted by Republicans of Congress and justifies these criticisms, detailing according to them an abuse of power of the FBI during the wiretapping of a member of his campaign team before the election of November 2016.

"What is happening in our country is a shame (…) Many people should be ashamed," said Donald Trump since the Oval Office. The four-page memo from the Republican members of the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives despite vehement opposition from its Democratic members was then put online by Congress.

Donald Trump's accusation is quite extraordinary from a President of the United States, more concerned in general with preserving the image of two pillars of American institutions. "The highest officials and investigators of the FBI and the Ministry of Justice have politicized the sacred process of investigation in favor of the Democrats and against the Republicans," Trump had earlier tweeted.

Reaching Mueller

The "Nunes memo", named after the chairman of the Devin Nunes commission, aims to trace the secret procedure of advising Carter Page by the FBI with the assistance of the Department of Justice, from October 2016. [19659002AccordingtotheRepublicanstheinvestigatorswouldhavejustifiedthisactionfromanintelligencefilewrittenbyaformerBritishspyChristopherSteelehiredbyaUScabinethimselfpaidbythecampaignHillaryClintonTheyaccusetheFBIoffailingtotellthewiretappingjudgesthattheClintoncampaignco-fundedthecaseorthatSteelewaspersonallyhostiletoTrumpThenoteoverwhelmsnamelytheformernumbertwoJusticeBruceOhrandquotestheformernumbertwoFBIAndrewMcCabewhorecentlyleftoffice

M. Trump has named current Justice Minister Jeff Sessions as current FBI director Christopher Wray. The latter has replaced James Comey, abruptly thanked by Mr Trump by his own admission because of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election campaign. But Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI, had in a gesture of defiance extremely rare public clearly indicated that he was not in favor of this publication. The Ministry of Justice had also expressed its reservations for reasons of security and the risk of unveiling methods of intelligence gathering.

The Democrats were up against this memo, which they believe manufactured so partisan to protect the billionaire from suspicions of collusion between his campaign and Russia. "The country's highest elected official has agreed to – misleadingly – make public information available to attack the FBI, which would have been unthinkable not long ago," said Adam. Schiff, Democrat Member of the Commission

"Artificial Party Theater"

And important Republican elected officials also denounced the risk, for US national security, of undermining the legitimacy of the FBI, at the moment when Russia would attempt again, according to them, to interfere in the politics of the country. "The recent attacks against the FBI and the Justice Department do not serve any US interest – neither the party nor the president – only Putin's interest," denounced Senator John McCain.

This one "worries about the consequences for the investigation of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller, in charge of discovering a possible US-Russian collusion, and attacked more and more openly by Republicans. "Our elected officials, including the president, must stop considering this inquiry through the prism of politics and artificial partisan theater," John McCain argued.

But these warnings have been in vain. Congressional Republican leaders, however, assert that the commission is merely fulfilling its duty to control the executive by the legislature. "This note is not an indictment of the FBI or the Department of Justice, and does not call into question the Mueller inquiry," assured Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, Thursday.

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White House Accuses Russia of Cyber ​​Attack 'Not Petya'

The White House on Thursday accused Russia of a cyber-attack "NotPetya" which caused massive losses last year, joined the British government in denouncing Moscow over the spreading virus that paralyzed some of the Ukrainian infrastructure and paralyzed the computers in various countries around the world.

The attack that occurred in June 2017 "spread worldwide, causing billions of dollars worth of losses across Europe, Asia and the Americas," White House spokesman Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

"It is part of the Kremlin's efforts to constantly destabilize Ukraine and show more clearly Russia's involvement in the ongoing conflict," added Sanders. "This is also a reckless and indiscriminate cyber attack that will result in consequences that will be applied internationally."

The US government is "reviewing a range of options," said a senior White House official when asked about the consequences of Russian action.

Earlier on Thursday, Russia rejected the British government's allegations that it was behind the attack, saying the allegations were part of a "Rusophobia" campaign that he said was launched by several Western countries.

The so-called NotPetya attack in June started in Ukraine where the attack paralyzed government and business computers before spreading across Europe and the world, halting operations at ports, factories and offices.

The British foreign ministry said in a statement released earlier that day that the attack came from the Rusi military

"The decision to publicly link this incident underscores the fact that Britain and its allies will not tolerate a destructive cyber attack," the ministry said in a statement.

"The attack was disguised as a criminal but aims the main is to paralyze, "he said.

" The main targets are the financial sector, energy, and the Ukrainian government. Indiscriminate design has led to wider spread, affecting businesses in Europe and Russia. "[ww]

Beijing accuses US of violating its territory in the South China Sea

Beijing accused the United States of violating China's sovereignty after American missile destroyer sailed near a disputed coral island in the South China Sea.

USS Hopper sailed 12 miles or 22 kilometers from Huangyan Island, also named Scarborough Shoal, dated January 17.

China's defense ministry said in a statement that "a Chinese frigate took immediate action to identify and inspect the American vessel and drove it by issuing a warning."

China seized Huangyan from the Philippines in 2012.

China claimed virtually the entire South China Sea and had done extensive reclamation on many of the islands and corals it claimed, equipped parts of it with airfields and military means.

The South China Sea has a crucial voyage, a place rich in fish and possibly oil, gas and other mining products

The US has no claims of territory in the South China Sea and says it is neutral in the dispute, the United States has said it is concerned China is trying to militarize what should be free and open international waters. Goods are worth about $ 3 trillion across the area each year.

The US Navy regularly sailed across the area to uphold freedom of navigation.

China says it wants to resolve territorial disputes in the South China Sea through bilateral negotiations. [gp]