Trump Accuses Russia Helps North Korea Avoid Sanctions

American President Donald Trump accuses Russia of helping North Korea avoid international sanctions and says Pyongyang is making daily progress in developing ballistic missiles that could reach America.

In an interview in his office in the Oval Office with Reuters news agency, Trump praises China for limiting its supply of oil and coal to North Korea. But he said Beijing could do more to help limit Pyongyang.

But Trump says Russia seems to fill the Chinese aid vacuum.

He declared Russian President Vladimir Putin might deliberately thwart the sanctions.

"He did not do anything to help us with North Korean issues, "Trump said of Putin. "Whatever the help China provided, it was thwarted, so in other words, Russia filled in what China has done."

During an hour-long interview, Trump was less optimistic than his recent attitude regarding the benefits of direct talks with North Korean leaders , Kim Jong-Un.

When asked by reporters, whether he has communicated directly with Kim, Trump evasive. But he said he might be willing to hold face-to-face meetings with the North Korean leader. [ps/jm]

Democratic Senator accuses Trump of ignoring the Russian threat

A number of Democrats in the Senate on Wednesday warned that Russian operations to undermine democracy not only against the US presidential election, and accused President Donald Trump of failing to address the threat.

Senators Ben Cardin issued a report prepared by staff members of the Democratic Party committee who accused Russia of continuing attacks on democracy inside and outside the United States and insisted on various strategies to overcome it, starting with improving the leadership of the American president himself.

"After several attacks, such as in Pearl Harbor and 9/11, American presidents stirred up the nation's resistance as well as the world to face the challenges it faces. But the current American president is barely aware of the threat of repeated attacks by President Putin on democratic institutions and government, let alone showing the necessary leadership, to effectively cope with such aggression, "said Cardin.

" There has never been an American president clearly ignoring the serious threats and increasing threats to American national security, "he added.

Based on several months of research and consultations with other countries that were once targeted by Russia, the 206-page report carefully documented various tools and techniques which is widely used by Russia outside its borders. [em/ii]

Israel accuses Palestinians of spying for Iran

Israeli military tribunals accuse three Palestinians of planning terrorist attacks on behalf of Iran. The three men were arrested by agents from the security services alongside the Israeli military on the west bank of Hebron City. The Israeli military called the Mahmud Makharmeh (29) a computer engineering student. While two other people named Nur Makharmeh (22) and Diaa Sarakhneh (22) are known as Mahmud's accomplices. Currently all three are prosecuted in an Israeli military tribunal.

A statement quoted by AFP on Thursday (4/1/2018) mentions, the group is run by Iranian intelligence agencies located in South Africa. The statement also says that Iran has used Africa as a center of movement for recruitment and operation of agents against Israel.

"(The group) is run by Iranian intelligence and recruited and funded by Iranian intelligence agencies residing in South Africa It is well known that Iranian intelligence has used South Africa as an important center for finding, recruiting and operating agents against Israel, "the statement said.

Shin said he met Iranian agents several times while he was in South Africa. Some of them are from Tehran just to meet him. He claimed to have been ordered to recruit killers and gunmen to collect and pass information to his Iranian agents. Mahmud claimed to be paid $ 8,000.

Mahmud Makharmeh was charged for making contact with a hostile foreign organization, receiving enemy funds and trying to join an illegal organization. The other two were indicted for trying to join the illegal organization.

Israel mentioned, in addition to supporting Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Shiite Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iran is indeed dedicated to destroying and supporting global terror. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alleged that the group was Iran's last attempt to attack Israel.

"This is not the first time they tried various methods and fields to attack the state of Israel," as written in a statement.

, in 2015 the Israeli court sentenced a Belgian-born Belgian. The woman was jailed for seven years after becoming an Iranian spy by posing as an entrepreneur. He was convicted of helping enemies during the war and spying on behalf of the Republican Guard of the Iranian elite.

Iranian Academician Ahmadreza Djalali-had the same fate as the woman. Djalali is currently facing executions in Tehran after being convicted in October on charges of spying on Israel. Djalali said he was convicted of refusing to spy on Iran while he was working in Europe.

(yas / dnu)

Trump accuses China of allowing oil to enter North Korea

US President Donald Trump on Thursday accused China of facilitating oil shipments to North Korea, although China insists it does not violate UN sanctions restricting oil shipments to the disobedient country.

"Caught red – very disappointed that China allowed oil to enter North Korea There will be no friendly solution to the North Korean problem if it continues to happen, "Trump wrote on Twitter.

The South Korean newspaper also reported Thursday that Chinese and North Korean ships were silent – resides in the sea to send oil to North Korea

UN Security Council last week imposed new sanctions designed to restrict North Korea's access to oil in response to a North Korean long-range missile test.

November try to launch the latest intercontinental ballistic missiles, which are warned by many American experts to hit anywhere in America.

The sanctions want to stretch which exports 90 percent of distillate oil to North Korea by limiting it to 500,000 barrels a year and limiting crude exports by 4 million barrels per year.

China has repeatedly said it upheld all resolutions against Pyongyang, despite doubts from the United States, South Korea and Japan that the gaps continue to exist

When asked recently by the media whether Chinese ships illegally loaded oil into North Korean vessels, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang reiterated that China and its military impose strict UN resolutions concerning North Korea.

"The situation you mentioned does not exist," Ren said. [my/al]

US accuses North Korea of ​​Global World Attack

The Trump Presidential Administration officially accused North Korea of ​​staging a crippling cyber attack affecting hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide earlier this year.

"The attack was widespread and cost billions of dollars," Domestic Security Advisor Tom Bossert in an opinion in the Wall Street Journal late Monday.

Pyongyang has long been suspected of spreading a computer virus called WannaCry in May, which prevents users in at least 150 countries from accessing files and other important functions. 19659002] Among the affected organizations are US-based Fedex freight companies, Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica, and the British National Health Service, forcing hospitals to cancel operations and divert ambulances to other facilities. The program requires a ransom from the user to be able to reopen the files stored on the infected machine.

The attack WannaCry was eventually stopped by a British hacker who invented the code button to disable the attacker's virus. [lt]