Pakistan accuses US exports war and instability to South Asia

Pakistan accuses the United States of exporting war and eternal instability into South Asia, and siding with India in bilateral agreements.

The allegations made by Pakistan's National Security Adviser Nasir Janjua once again show the decline of Islamabad Washington. It also reinforced reports that the two countries have been at loggerheads especially since President Donald Trump in August uncovered a new policy for Afghanistan and South Asia.

American policy accuses Pakistan of protecting terrorists, including the Haqqani Network, which waged war on Afghanistan and drafted an attack on India. The US policy also focused on the use of more intensive military means to defeat the Afghan Taliban and called for India to expand its role in Afghanistan, disregarding Islamabad's opposition and claims.

Janjua reaffirmed Pakistan's objections when speaking at a security seminar in Islamabad on Monday. "Pakistan has been made irrelevant in Afghanistan, seeking a scapegoat and piling up all the blame on Pakistan, siding with India on all subjects," he said. "Pakistan has been made irrelevant to Afghanistan, plans to lower the level of relations, US legislators ask that Pakistan be declared a sponsored state of terrorism, "Janjua said.

He added that although Pakistan is a NATO ally, its efforts to obtain defense equipment have been blocked and its nuclear weapons program opposed.

India has become an ally of choice and military solutions are once again chosen for Afghanistan, "Janjua said. He added that the way forward for America in Afghanistan is to focus on political solutions rather than military forces.

He added that Washington should appoint a political authority in Afghanistan whose authority is the same as the military commander to advance the political settlement.

Janjua also accused the United States of wanting to stem the rise of China and Russia's return to the region, thus opposing a multibillion-dollar economic corridor project funded by the China's Global Belt and Road Initiative.

To mitigate China and Russia's challenges and to ensure self-transcendence, America exports war and eternal instability to South Asia, "Janjua said. India was supported and encouraged to advance American regional interests

No response from US officials to this Janjua statement

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis earlier this month visited Pakistan where he called for civilian and military leaders to step up efforts against terrorism. Officials did not disclose details of the talks, but called them positive and productive, without the confrontation element. [ds]

US accuses Turkey of extreme Islamic ideology

The tense relationship between America and Turkey seems increasingly tense after high-ranking Trump government officials accuse Turkey of spreading what it says Islamist extremist ideologies around the world.

US President Donald Trump's national security adviser, General H.R. McMaster said Tuesday that Turkey and Qatar were the main donors who contributed to the spread of extremist ideology.

"We are witnessing the great involvement of Turkey from everywhere from western Africa to Southeast Asia," said McMaster, an event in Washington on Tuesday.

"The Balkans are now a very worrying area," he added.

McMaster is not to accuse Turkey of funding terrorist groups. Instead, he expressed concerns that Turkey was following Saudi Arabia's footsteps in the 1970s, and most recently Qatar, by funding groups that helped create conditions that allowed terrorism to flourish.

"We do not devote much attention to how extremist ideologies are developed through madrassas and mosques and so-called charities, more broadly, "he said.

Turkey's Foreign Ministry denounced McMaster's warning Wednesday, calling them" astonishing, unfounded and unacceptable "[19659002] "We look forward to America we continue to recognize as friends and allies showing the same attitude to our country, stopping all forms of cooperation with terrorist groups like YPG and providing more concrete and effective support to our determination against terrorism and radicalism," the ministry said in a statement. [my/jm]