How can everyone act against the degradation of the planet

Everyone, on his own scale, can help save what can still be saved. This is the message advocated at the Sixth Session of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) . It gathered until Saturday, March 24, 2018 some 550 experts from more than 100 countries in Medellin, in Colombia . They submitted four reports on the Americas, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe-Central Asia. Their documents warn of the risks of a massive extinction of the species of the Earth, the first since that of the dinosaurs. Far from yielding to defeatism, they called everyone to act. "We are sabotaging our own future well-being! The good news is (…) that it's not too late!" argued the president of IPBES, Robert Watson

Fewer Beef

"We also need to change behaviors" he said. "There is no doubt that as individuals we must be responsible consumers of food, water and energy." The consumption choices of each have effects on the production of products. "It concerns us entirely (…) what we consume, what we eat, how we dress", repeated Mark Rounsevell, one of the co-authors of the reports. Adapting our daily diet could therefore help the preservation of the planet.

"It takes 25 kg of greenery to produce one kilo of beef protein (…) is a ratio largely ineffective" Watson said. Without advocating diets that ignore animal products. "We do not need to become all vegetarians!", Defends Mr. Watson. But a more balanced diet, less beef, more chicken and vegetables (…) can really help reduce the pressure on both climate change and biodiversity. "[19659005] Cattle breeding is, indeed, one of the main emitters of methane (CH 4 ), the second greenhouse gas behind the dioxide carbon (CO 2 ). According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) the warming effect of CH 4 produced in the gastrointestinal tract is 28 times greater than that of CO 2 over a 100-year period, and agricultural livestock would be responsible for 5.5% of total global emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities, so it contributes on a global scale to global warming and the loss of biodiversity that results.

Less waste

Intensive agriculture also directly affects local biodiversity. Mark Rounsevell lamented that Europe "subsidizes farmers to overproduce food at the expense of nature" . An alert that is part of a sad fact: about one third of world food production is wasted . The president of the IPBES has called "not too much to buy at the supermarket and then let it rot in your refrigerator" and reduce the portions in the restaurants so that leftovers do not end up in the trash . "Do not waste water, do not waste food, do not waste energy!" he said. "Do not let the water run when you brush your teeth, take reasonable showers (…) prefer public transport, turn off the light" when leaving a room.

Expand Renewable energies with intelligence

Action against global warming obviously can not escape the implementation of effective policies in this area. "What we need is sustainable production (…) of adequate funding, free of subsidies," said Watson, emphasizing the need to give up fossil fuels. " Anne Larigauderie, executive secretary of IPBES, for her part, pointed out the inconsistency of certain policies: the preservation of the climate, to the benefit of the world, is sometimes to the detriment of local biodiversity. " By For example, we are designing biofuels to combat climate change (…). But if the surfaces put in culture to make them are at the expense of biodiversity (…), one creates another long-term problem "she warned.

Another co- author of the IPBES reports, Markus Fischer, calls for the mobilization of citizens: "We are consumers, we are citizens with the right to vote, parents (…) so we are ourselves decision makers (…) and these hundreds of decisions we make, can be more favorable to biodiversity, or not! " And it is these decisions that " build our choice of society and determine our future. " Combining global policies and local actions, here is the challenge of the fight against global warming.

Immigration Activists Continue Urging DACA Replacement Act

The center of contention in the US Congress surrounding the federal budget is the fate of hundreds of thousands of illegal young immigrants who are now unpredictable after President Trump terminates the policy during the Obama administration that protects them from deportation.

While deadlines for government operations are close, immigration activists, many of whom are also illegal immigrants, are still trying to lobby for a law that will replace the Child Delivery Immigrant Actions or DACA abbreviation program.

Since 2012, as many as 800,000 young immigrants are illegally living, studying or working in America legally, even though they have no chance of becoming citizens. Without a correction on the actions of the Trump president, they have no status protection, and every day about 100 immigrants turn to illegal status as their documents become outdated.

All week, 150 activists contacted the offices of members of the House and Senate, and hoping to convince these legislators to arrange security for these illegal young immigrants, who are also called Dreamers or Dreamers, and to include the product in the budget bill that is being discussed.

Abigail Zapote, a rally organizer and deputy director of the League for United Latin Americans or LULAC, knows what it's like to live in America without documentation, but he succeeds in becoming a legitimate citizen. From a podium in front of the Capitol Building on Friday she shared the story of her illegal siblings

"We can not wait any longer. Millions of families across the country always live in fear, "said Zapote. [ps/jm]

Father of the Brutally Murdered Child Tuding Police Slow Act

The father of an eight-year-old girl who died after being kidnapped and raped in the eastern Pakistani province of Punjab accused the police of being slow in handling the case of his family.

Anees Ansari issued the statement Wednesday night (10/1) after police killed two demonstrators protesting the brutal murder of Zainab Ansari.

An angry mob attacked a police headquarters Wednesday, sparking violent clashes that injured three demonstrators. On Thursday police tried to disperse the rampage by firing warning shots. But three policemen actually aimed their shots at the crowd rather than in the air, killing two demonstrators.

The three policemen have been arrested and secured.

Zainab Ansari was declared missing last week while studying to study near his home. His body was found last Tuesday at a garbage dump in the town of Kasur. [ab/uh]

Trump Signed Tax Withholding Act before Christmas Holiday

American President Donald Trump finally signed a $ 1.5 trillion tax reduction legislation minutes before leaving Washington for a vacation in Florida.

In an atmosphere of celebration after the best week of his presidency, Trump said he had fulfilled his promise to sign the "biggest tax cuts and reforms in our country" ahead of Christmas.

"I do not want you to say I did not keep my promises, I keep my promises," he told reporters who witnessed the signing ceremony at the Oval Office. [19659002] In cuitan on Twitter moments later, Trump responded to Democratic censure in Congress that the Act would be a great benefit to the richest Americans but not of much benefit to the average family.

"95% of Americans will pay less or, at worst, the same amount of taxes (mostly much more se little). Democrats just want to raise your taxes! "

The President of Trump also signed a short-term financing bill to keep the government functioning during the holidays and entering the New Year.The 30-day spending step delayed the possibility of government closure until the end of January. 19659002] The income tax package was the greatest since the 1980s, permanently decreasing corporate taxes from 35 percent to 21 percent, and reducing the tax burden for most people over the next few years.

The president told reporters that big companies " "On the new tax rate, which is expected to spur sufficient economic growth to offset losses in tax revenues. [sp/ii]