Cattenom intrusion: prison for Greenpeace activists

Eight Greenpeace activists who broke into the site of the Cattenom (Moselle) nuclear power plant in October were sentenced to five months in prison on Tuesday for two months.

"We are disappointed, because this is the first time that Greenpeace activists are condemned to prison," reacted Jean-François Julliard, the director general of the NGO, also prosecuted and sentenced to a fine of 20,000 euros.

Among the defendants, two activists, already convicted in the past for having entered nuclear sites, were sentenced to two months in prison.

The six others and the campaign leader the environmental NGO Yannick Rousselet, prosecuted for complicity, were sentenced to five months of suspended imprisonment.

"This is particularly unfair to people who have only issued the alert on a risk nuclear "lamented Mr. Julliard, announcing that they were all going to appeal.

The public prosecutor's office had requested six-month suspended sentences and a six-month suspended sentence, as well as a fine of 50,000 euros against Greenpeace

The court also ordered an expert report to assess the material damage , estimated at more than 200,000 euros by EDF and asked the defendants to pay a provision of 20,000 euros. He also allocated 50,000 euros in respect of non-pecuniary damage to EDF, which had claimed 500,000.

"We are whistle-blowers first and foremost," the activists said, but for the prosecutor, Christelle Dumont, "Greenpeace crossed the red strip."

"Judge these thanks for what they are : the crossing of a fence and two fences ", pleaded the defense lawyer, Alexander Faro.

" They fight for ideas, it does not deserve prison ", did it He underlines.

"I assume my personal responsibility", had previously launched Coralie, at the bar.

The 28-year-old militant was reluctant to detail the preparation of the action, as the six other defendants, two women and four men, aged 28 to 58 years. An activist was absent, "at sea on the Greenpeace fleet", according to Me, Faro,

"We have only chosen the shortest way to arrive the fastest, but unfortunately it is not very rocket science". Coralie.

Pursued for "intrusion in a meeting and with degradation in the enclosure of a civil installation sheltering nuclear materials", the eight activists incurred five years of imprisonment and 75.000 euros of fine.

"We acted collectively, we did not have specific roles, we were all interchangeable," added another activist, Clement.

On October 12, at dawn, the eight activists of Greenpeace had been arrested after entering the plant to warn about the vulnerability of nuclear sites.

They say they fired a fireworks near the building housing the fuel pool. The prefecture of Moselle and EDF had assured that the militants had not acceded to the nuclear zone.

"If I chose this action, it is to denounce a serious subject.Greenpeace assumes our action because it is legitimate "We are whistleblowers," said Anne-Fleur, a short-haired brunette.

"You're here for the passage to the act (which is yours), not the motive ", replies the prosecutor, Christelle Dumont.

– 'Greenpeace assumes' –

" Greenpeace assumes the organization, the implementation and the communication of this action ", affirmed the bar Jean-François Julliard

"To carry out an illegal action like this is not in the object of our association, but our duty of whistleblower" obliges "to find the means to create a public debate", has it he exposed.

After a new intrusion of Greenpeace on the nuclear site of Cruas-Meysse (Ardèche) in November, a parliamentary inquiry commission on "the safety and security of nuclear installations" was created.

"We are dealing with militants who are at war level," pleaded for his part the lawyer EDF, Me Thibault de Montbrial.

"Today we have activists safe and sound Until the day when … ", warned for its part the director of the Cattenom plant, Thierry Rosso.

Hong Kong Democracy activists slam new bans

Supporters of Hong Kong democracy are angry after the government blocked the founders of a 21-year-old political party to advance in the upcoming elections. The activists say this move is the latest attempt to silence the opposition in the Chinese territory.

In a letter to Agnes Chow, a leading figure in the political struggle, a Hong Kong city election official questioned the platform of the party he represented, the Demosisto Party, which contained the words "promoting self-determination and democracy." As a member of the party, the letter said, he clearly did not intend to respect the constitution of Hong Kong

Pro-democracy MPs and legal experts said the disqualification of Agnes Chow was colored by political screening , and not a fair, judicial, and nonjudgmental decision.

About 2,000 people gathered on a cloudy Sunday afternoon in the center of the Hong Kong government to denounce the decision.

"If we do not fight for our rights, they will seize each of our rights, until we have no rights whatsoever," said former lawmaker and lawyer Margaret Ng to protest participants yelling, "We will fight in court, we will fight in Hong Kong, we will fight in the world!"

During the rally, Agnes Chow reminded that members of her party have been physically beaten, fired from their posts, and imprisoned. "If the regime in power does this, the goal is not only me, or the democrats, but all Hong Kong residents. "This disqualification decision tells all Hong Kong citizens, we can only choose people who are accepted by the regime." [ps/jm]

Pakistani Women Activists Reject Accusations of Religious Casting

Women activist Pakistan, Gulalai Ismail, records history by suing people who accuse her of violating the blasphemy laws.

Gulalai, founder of Pakistan-based Sadar NGO Sadar, is accused of insulting Islam. He denied the allegations.

Hamza Khan, 23, a student from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province launched a social media campaign accusing Gulalai of insulting Islam and Pashtun culture. It seems that Khan is not happy with Gulalai's role as an activist.

Khan, who proclaimed himself as chairman of the Mardan Youth Parliament, uploaded a 12-minute video on his Facebook account page on November 20, 2017. In the video, he called for people to gang up Gulalai (19659003) Concerned about his safety, Gulalai filed a lawsuit against Khan on November 21, which resulted in Khan being detained this week after a Peshawar court declared Khan worthy of trial.

Pakistani authorities intervened and uprooted a video where Khan sounded said that Gulalai must be "finished off" to safeguard Islam.

The judge rejected Khan's request to be released on bail. [ds/sp]

Immigration Activists Continue Urging DACA Replacement Act

The center of contention in the US Congress surrounding the federal budget is the fate of hundreds of thousands of illegal young immigrants who are now unpredictable after President Trump terminates the policy during the Obama administration that protects them from deportation.

While deadlines for government operations are close, immigration activists, many of whom are also illegal immigrants, are still trying to lobby for a law that will replace the Child Delivery Immigrant Actions or DACA abbreviation program.

Since 2012, as many as 800,000 young immigrants are illegally living, studying or working in America legally, even though they have no chance of becoming citizens. Without a correction on the actions of the Trump president, they have no status protection, and every day about 100 immigrants turn to illegal status as their documents become outdated.

All week, 150 activists contacted the offices of members of the House and Senate, and hoping to convince these legislators to arrange security for these illegal young immigrants, who are also called Dreamers or Dreamers, and to include the product in the budget bill that is being discussed.

Abigail Zapote, a rally organizer and deputy director of the League for United Latin Americans or LULAC, knows what it's like to live in America without documentation, but he succeeds in becoming a legitimate citizen. From a podium in front of the Capitol Building on Friday she shared the story of her illegal siblings

"We can not wait any longer. Millions of families across the country always live in fear, "said Zapote. [ps/jm]

Trump is Confident to Support Immigrant Defenders' Activists

American President Donald Trump says immigrant activists will start "loving him" and other Republican members, and turn against Democratic Party members, who have been supporting immigrant activists.

Twitter commented that Democrats "did nothing" for some 690,000 immigrants brought to America illegally by their parents and "only interested in politics" in an effort to prevent them from being deported.

Many young immigrants, often called Dreamers, only know the United States as their home. They are temporarily rescued from deportation for being protected by a program initiated by President Barack Obama. But President Trump has terminated the program in September, and gave Congress until March to deal with the issue.

The American leader said that those who supportDeferred Action For Childhood Arrival, abbreviated DACA and Hispanics, "will strongly oppose" lawmakers from the Democratic Party. On the contrary, they increased support for Trump and other Republican members.

"We are concerned with results," Trump said.

Although Congress can wait until approaching March to determine the fate of young immigrants, most of whom have studied at American schools or working in America, this issue is likely to be the focus of discussion within the next two weeks. The White House and congressional leaders are negotiating spending levels for the government until the end of September, as well as discussing some controversial government policies, including immigration, electronic surveillance of terror suspects and health insurance.

The current government funds will run out on January 19 and some Democrats say they will not support new funding agreements unless young immigrants are protected from deportation. [sp/ii]