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Hollywood actor Robert De Niro criticized President Trump's government stance on climate change. In front of a crowded crowd, De Niro said he came from an "underdeveloped" country suffering from 'instant madness'.

He said in the country he described, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency last week said global warming might be a good thing for humanity.

At the Dubai World Government Summit on Sunday in Dubai, De Niro reaped applause and laughter when he said the Americans "will eventually heal themselves through a vote that causes him to lose his mandate to rule." [ka/jm]

Suspect Actor Near New York Bus Terminal Detained

New York Police said a suspect had been arrested after an explosion near the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan, New York on Monday (11/12) called mayor Bill de Blassio "attempted terrorist attack."

New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill named the 27-year-old suspect Akayed Ullah and said he had a low-tech device bomb tied to his body.

Ullah suffered a burn on his body after accidentally detonating the bomb, which had been confirmed as a bomb pipeline, O'Neill told reporters, as he gave information alongside the mayor de Blassio and New York governor Andrew Cuomo early Monday.

The New York Fire Department confirmed three people injured, all not life-threatening.

Lower rail the land is expected to resume its normal schedule before the busy Monday afternoon, after the train was evacuated n stepped off a stopover on 42nd Street, located in the middle of Times Square Square, Manhattan – a popular destination for tourists.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said via Twitter that President Donald Trump had been notified of the situation. [gp]