Head of Intelligence and Home Affairs of Afghanistan Visit Pakistan

Two top Afghan security officials made a surprise visit to Pakistan to discuss mutual cooperation with civilian and military leaders following a series of deadly attacks by Taliban and other militants in Afghanistan.

The visit took place on Wednesday (31/1) hours after US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan urged Afghan leaders to hold bilateral discussions with their counterparts in Pakistan.

The escalation of militant violence in Afghanistan sparked tensions between the country and Islamabad amid allegations that militants used places taking refuge in Pakistan to plan a recent suicide bombing, with the help of Pakistan's spy agency ISI.

The Pakistani authorities condemned the terrorist attack and rejected Afghanistan's allegations, calling it unfounded and stressed the need for a "credible inquiry" against the attack. [ka/ds]

Unique and Anti Galau! There is a Minister of Lonely Affairs in England

For the first time, the British appointed a special minister to deal with the lonely issues. What are its duties?

Tracey Crouch, now a Junior Minister for Sports and Civil Society Affairs, is appointed to play a major role in the fight against loneliness in Britain. Prime Minister Theresa May called loneliness the 'sad reality of modern life' that affects millions of its citizens. As UK Secretary of Lonely Affairs, Crouch is in charge of this.

"For so many people, loneliness is the sad reality of modern life," said PM May as reported by AFP Wednesday (17/1/2018).

" I want to face this challenge for our society and for all of us to take action to overcome the loneliness felt by the elderly, by volunteers, by those who lost loved ones – people who have no one else to talk to or share their thoughts and experiences, "added PM May.

According to the British Red Cross, more than 9 million people – out of a total of 65.6 million Britons – claim to always be or often feel lonely.

The British Red Cross calls loneliness and is isolated as a 'hidden epidemic', which affects many people of all ages. Loneliness and isolation arise during certain moments in each person's life, such as retirement, loss of a person or separation from a loved one.

The appointment of the Minister of Lonely Affairs follows up on the recommendation of a special commission to commemorate Jo Cox, a member the British parliament that was killed by right-wing extremists in 2016.

"Jo experienced and witnessed loneliness throughout his life, especially when he was a freshman at Cambridge University and when he separated with his sister Kim for the first time," Jo Cox Foundation via Twitter. "He will be glad to know Tracey Crouch's new job as Minister for Lonely Affairs and will say 'let's work!'," Added the statement.

PM May is scheduled to host a dinner to celebrate Jo Cox's 'inheritance' on Wednesday (17 / 1) local time.

Various agenda and programs from the Ministry of Lonely Affairs will be released later this year. The ministry will receive input from national and local governments, as well as various parties ranging from public service agencies, volunteer sector to business circles.

(nvc / nkn)

President of Trump Plans to Candidate AD Retirees to be Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

American President Donald Trump plans to nominate Andrea Thompson to become Deputy Secretary of State for international arms and security oversight.

Thompson currently serves as a special advisor to the Office of Policy Planning at the Department of Foreign Affairs. Previously he served in the White House as vice presidential assistant and national security advisor to the vice president.

Thompson has also served in the American Army for over 25 years, with assignments including in Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia.

also serving as executive officer for the army deputy minister, senior military advisor to the House Foreign Affairs Commission, and senior figures in the Army Strategic Studies group. [sp]