NDDL: occupants agree to submit nominative projects

A delegation of occupants of the ZAD Notre-Dame-des-Landes announced Friday, at the end of a meeting at the prefecture in Nantes, they had filed nominative projects as requested by the government. 19659002] "Today we decide to respond to the injunctions of the government, we want to stop the escalation of tension in the area and finally get the necessary time for dialogue and the construction of the project we are defending," they said. in front of the press. It is "a very concrete gesture of dialogue to get out of this infernal cycle", they said, stating to have deposited 40 nominative projects, among which some individual and certain collectives.

At the end of a meeting more than two hours, the prefect of the Pays de la Loire, Nicole Klein, greeted in front of the reporters the work done: "They did a lot of work, it must be recognized, and they brought about twenty nominative projects, so the name, an address, a project that we will of course examine closely from here Monday night ".

The zadists have submitted 28 agricultural projects, and 12 artisanal and distribution projects, according to Ms. Klein. "This is a sign of good will," said the state representative, "because they have so far refused to give nominative projects" and now, "they have given nominative projects." 19659002] "They responded in part to the request to deposit nominative projects (…) I think that almost all places have submitted agricultural projects," said Ms. Klein.

The State had asked the occupants to complete by Monday evening individual forms, including their name and outline of their agricultural or para-agricultural project.

Trump Agree the Idea of ​​Teaching Master in School

President Donald Trump approves the idea of ​​arming teachers in the classroom in an emotionally charged meeting with students and parents of school shootings.

Placing former military in all schools "can also solve your problems" Trump in the state banquet room, at the White House. "We will study it in earnest" Trump said (19659003) At one point Trump asked "does everyone like the idea?"

Only a few raised a hand. Trump then asked who opposed and multiplied who raised his hand among about 40 people present in the room, mostly students, family members and teachers who were directly affected by the shootings at school.

Read: The Trump President also exclaimed that the weapon-free zone near the school was lifted while insisting that his government "will be very hard on the subject of an examination of the background of the wanted have a gun '. And his administration will also study the possibility of raising the minimum age limit on the purchase of weapons. (In this case there are 28 states that do not charge the age limit.

"If one can not buy beer for underage, the same person should not buy guns, it makes sense," said Samuel Zeif, who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, a former 19-year-old student accused of killing 17.

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Postnotes with the Washington Post-ABC News this week showed 86 percent of respondents who claimed to be supporters of the Democratic Party said strict restrictions on weapons ownership would prevent Florida shootings And 67 percent of self-proclaimed Republican supporters say strict rules will not prevent the massacre. [as/al]

US and Cambodia Agree Continue Deportation Agreement

The United States negotiates an agreement to resume deportation of Cambodians who came to the United States as refugees through a controversial program.

Agreement between the two governments governing the return of hundreds of Cambodians from the US since 2002, failed last year when
Cambodia ceased receiving returning citizens.

US officials responded by rejecting visa applications by Foreign Ministry officials in September 2017. But Friday (9/2), Cambodian officials received from the United States in return for the withdrawal of the visa ban.

The issue was discussed during a meeting between Cambodian Home Minister Sar Kheng and US Deputy Secretary of State Carl C. Risch in Phnom Penh. Phat Phanith, director of the Department of International Relations, said the two agreed to resume the agreement.

"Samdech [Sar Kheng] also requested that the US government increase financial support to Cambodians returning home so they can start a new life better and successful integration into the Cambodian society. "

Previously, the refugees were repatriated to a country of origin that they had never lived without government assistance, resulting in some non-governmental organizations having to struggle to provide basic assistance. [vm/ii]

If Congress Is Not Agree, US Government Operations Stop Thursday Midnight

US Senate leaders on Wednesday approved a bipartisan agreement that will fund the federal government for two years, but left the immigration topic at issue unresolved.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, No one thinks this is perfect, but we have worked hard to find common ground and remain focused on serving the American people.the first and foremost, this bipartisan agreement will free us from the various cuts that have harmed the armed forces and endangered our national security. "

But seeking full agreement in the House is more difficult. Minority Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi spoke at the Congress for eight hours on Wednesday and the contents of the protest and in the end she announced that she would not support the funding agreement until Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan allowed a vote that would respond to the demands of the participants the DACA program, a program that protects young immigrants whose children were illegally brought by their parents to the United States.

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Minority Leader said, "There is nothing partisan or political in the effort to protect the Dreamers or young immigrants children are brought into the US by their parents illegally.If a DREAM Act is brought to a congressional plenary session, it will get away with strong bipartisan support and I applaud the Republican colleagues who dare speak up about this, but the young immigrants we are now drowned in fear and uncertainty, and cowardice on the part of the Republic must be avoided hiri. "

It is unclear whether a suitable bipartisan funding agreement can be reached in the House before the deadline of Thursday night, so that government operations can continue.

Trump President has signaled support for the Senate deal, which includes an increase in defense spending, after he seemed to threaten to allow the closure of government operations to take place.

Democrats blocked an emergency shopping bill in January, triggering the closure of a three-day federal government operation aimed at protesting Congressional inaction response to DACA, an Obama-created program that would ended March 5th. [ps/jm]

11 Asia Pacific Countries Agree to Sign TPP Agreement

The 11 Asia Pacific nations agreed on Tuesday to sign a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal, Japan's Economy Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said after 11 countries revived TPP after the American exit.

the agreement by TPP 11 was finally ratified and 11 countries agreed to continue preparations for signing, "Motegi told reporters after meeting officials in Tokyo for a two-day meeting of key TPP 11 country negotiators.

The 11 members will try to sign the final deal "before early March," the statement said. The deal will merge all previous TPP commitments, but with some pending provisions, and some remaining issues will be resolved.

American President Donald Trump pulled America out of TPP in January last year, assessing "job killers" the future of the pact.

The agreement covers 40 percent of the world's economy before the American exit and – with the special exception of China – is intended to counter China's economic sophistication in the region.

However, some members still insist on the rise of TPP after America out, especially New Zealand and Japan. [ka/al]