Aircraft AN-148 Belongs Russian Airlines Accident, 71 People Killed

A plane crashed shortly after departing from Moscow, Russia. A total of 71 people who were on the plane owned Saratov Airlines was killed in this tragedy.

Launched Reuters on Sunday (11/2/2018), manifest consists of 65 passengers and 6 crew. The plane then disappeared from the radar, 10 minutes after takeoff from Moscow's Domodedovo Airport. From the local television broadcast aired a plane debris on the surface of a covered plain of snow.

"Airplane debris has been found, no one has survived," local TASS media reported.

The plane was supposed to go to Orsk City in the Orenburg region, which borders Kazakhstan. Not yet known exactly related to the cause of this accident. Some speculation about the cause of the accident was sticking out, such as pilot errors and weather conditions.

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Before Falling Near Moscow, the AN-148 Aircraft Had Gone Lost from the Radar

 Russia's AN 148 commercial plane owned by Saratov Airlines crashed and killed all 71 passengers and crew. Before the accident, the plane was known to have been lost from the radar.

Reported from, Sunday (11/2/2018), the plane with the code # 6W703 that consists of 65 passengers and 6 crew. The plane took off from Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport and was due to land in Orsk, Ural region.

Before arriving at Orsk, the plane crashes in the Ramensky District. The plane disappears from the radar just minutes after take off.

The Sun reported, an eyewitness said he had heard the explosion when the plane was still in the air.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his condolences regarding this deadly incident. He also said investigations were underway to investigate the cause of the accident.

Some of the outstanding photographs show how the debris of snow-covered planes was found in several adjacent locations. The bodies of the victims were also found not far from the plane debris.
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Philippine Aircraft Japanese Donation to Disputed Coral

The Philippine military flies a Japanese donated patrol plane to a disputed reef area with China in the South China Sea.

According to Philippine military officials, the Scarborough action did not confront China's resistance to the reefs.

North Luzon Military Command of the Philippines, said the Beechcraft King Air C90 plane flew low to 240 meters above Scarborough. The plane saw the presence of nine Chinese ships, including four Chinese coastal vessels and four Filipino fishing boats.

Earlier this month, a US-derailed destroyer sailed near Scarborough to show freedom of navigation. The action sparked protests from China that said it would take the necessary measures to protect its territorial sovereignty. The USS Hopper ship sailed into the 12-mile-sea area of ​​Scarborough without Chinese permission.

China controls Scarborough in 2012 after engaging in a dispute with Philippine ships. The small reef area is located about 200 kilometers from Luzon Island, the Philippines, and about 600 kilometers southeast of China. [ab/uh]

Pentagon denies linked unmanned aircraft attack in Syria

The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) strongly denies involvement in drone attacks on Russian airbase in Syria.

The Russian military on Thursday showcased several unmanned aircraft that he claimed were shot down after

Director of Joint Staff, Lieutenant General Fenneth F. Mckenzie Jr. said: "I firmly state that America is not at all involved with drone attacks at the Russian base anytime."

His comments were delivered during a press conference at the Pentagon. [my/ii]

US Companies Start Searching for Missing Malaysian Aircraft

Malaysia has agreed to allow American companies to continue searching for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 missing in March 2014.

Malaysian Transportation Minister Liow Tiong Lai said Saturday that Ocean Infinity, a seafloor exploration company, made a search by payment on the basis of the invention which meant the American company would not be paid if it did not find the plane sought.

The minister said "we are obliged to find the answer and the plane."

The Boeing 777 is missing on flights from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people in it, giving rise to a huge mystery of flight.

The Malaysian, Chinese and Australian governments have stopped searching for the plane in January of 2017.

Ocean Infinity said in a statement that the company had deployed a search ship, this from the South African port of Durban to taking advantage of good weather in "around the possibility of a search zone." [gp]