Collision 2 Vehicle at Heathrow Airport, Dozens of Flight Postponed

Dozens of flights were delayed after a collision of two vehicles at London's Heathrow Airport. A man was killed in the accident.

Emergency workers were aired near Termiga 5 at around 6am local time, following a collision between a Heathrow Airport operation truck with a British Airways airline vehicle.

Local media The Sun reported as reported by, Thursday (15/2/2018), a 40-year-old British Airways technician suffered a heart attack at the crash site and was declared dead in hospital after paramedics struggled to save his life. An airport worker was also rushed to the hospital due to a shoulder injury resulting from the collision.

As a result of this incident, hundreds of passengers who had been in the planes to be taken off were forced to lower and return to the building terminal. More than 30 flights were delayed on Wednesday (14/2) morning local time, even some experienced delays for more than two hours.

Not yet known the cause of this collision. UK Police and Safety and Health Agency have begun an investigation into the accident.

An airport worker said one of the vehicles appeared to be speeding before the collision. "There are strict speed restrictions, but the level of damage suggests that at least one vehicle must be speeding," the airport worker said.

"This is a tragic incident and everyone at the airport is currently in a state of shock," he added.

Heathrow Airport spokesman has confirmed this deadly incident. "We can confirm that following a serious accident involving two vehicles at our airport, an airport colleague has died," he said.

"Our deepest sorrow for our family and friends affected by this accident We will work together full of police in the investigation that will be done, "he added.

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There are World War II Time Bombs, London Airport Closed Meanwhile

 The discovery of the Second World War bombs forced the temporary closure of the London City Airport. The second World War II bomb was found near the River Thames.

As reported by AFP Monday (12/2/2018), the remaining bomb was found at King George V Jetty, close to the airport runway in central London. The findings occurred during construction work on site on Sunday (11/2) local time.

"The 214-meter ban zone has been applied as a deterrent to the Metropolitan Police (London)." As a result, the London City Airport is currently closed, "the London Municipal Airport Authority statement said.

"All passengers traveling from the City of London on Monday (12/2) are advised to contact the airline for more information," the statement said.

London City Airport operates mostly long haul flights close. The airport, the fifth largest airport in London, is located in east London, near the Canary Wharf business district. The airport remained closed this morning, and all flights from and to London City Airport on Monday (12/2) were canceled, "said the CEO of London City Airport, Robert Sinclair. It is not known how many flights were canceled during Monday (12/2).

The London Metropolitan Police said the findings of the bombing remnants were reported on Sunday (11/2) early morning local time. The closure of airports and the enforcement of banned zones was decided to ensure public safety.

"Ensuring that the object is handled safely while limiting the risks to the public," said the local police.

The unexploded World War II remains were handled by special police personnel, along with British Royal Navy personnel. It is known that thousands of bombs were dropped in London by the German Air Force between September 1940 and May 1941.

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New York JFK Airport Floods Broken Pipe

International flight on Sunday (7/1) was stopped at Terminal 4, John F. Kennedy Airport, in New York, after a water pipe broke out in very cold temperatures.

adding to the chaos at the airport, where passengers have been stranded for days because of equipment damaged by a blizzard.

Water poured from the terminal ceiling and arrival area was flooded and flights through Terminal 4 stopped. According to a spokesman for the Transit Authority of New York and New Jersey water pipes broke before 2 pm local time.

Terminal 4 used more than 30 airlines, including Air India, China Airlines, Delta, Egyptair, El Al, Emirates, Etihad, KLM

Carlos Koester, 52, was in New York for a week with his wife and two teenage children. "We love New York, but we are now stuck in here, it's frustrating, we are stuck in a storm and have now been stranded for 13 hours," told the Daily News on Sunday.

] Kennedy Airport is located in a low-income area that records for January 7, to 15 and a half degrees Celsius below zero. [ds/sp]

Flights to Atlanta Airport Disturbed due to Power Outages

All flights to Atlanta International Airport and vice versa disrupted after power outages.

Power outages start at around 1 pm local time. At 7:32 pm, airport authorities said via Twitter that the electricity had recovered in one hall of arrival, and officials expected the electricity to be fully restored by midnight.

The Federal Aviation Service implemented a ground stop for the flight to the Airport. "Ground stop" means flights to Atlanta are removed from the Departure airport until Monday (18/12) night.

Incoming, domestic and international flights, diverted to other regional airports.

According to FlightAware's flight tracker website, from the airport was delayed on average for one hour 30 minutes. The site said, until Sunday (17/12) night as many as 776 flights to Atlanta and the reverse direction was canceled and 525 other flights were delayed. A total of 134 additional flights scheduled for Monday were also canceled.

From the scene: VOA journalists who were arrested at Atlanta airport sent this short video.

Fox News and Atlanta Journal Constitution television stations reported a power outage the construction crew unintentionally cut off the power lines. But Atlanta Airport, via Twitter, said the cause was not confirmed. According to the region's Power company, Georgia Power, the fire damaged the underground electrical facility that supplies electricity to the airport. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

The airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, with more than 2,500 arrivals and departures and on average over 250 thousand passengers daily. [ka]

Threatens Military Police, Men Shot Shot at Schiphol Airport

A man armed with a knife was shot to death by Dutch military police at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. The shooting was done after the man infiltrated into the military police station at the airport complex and threatened one of the personnel with a knife.

As reported by AFP and Reuters Saturday (16/12 / 2017), the incident that occurred on Friday (15/12) this local time could trigger panic at Schiphol Airport. This knife man finally arrested after being shot.

"This afternoon (15/12), a man came to the Marechaussee (military police) office here in Schiphol and he threatened my colleagues with a knife," Dutch army spokesman Dennis Muller told AFP .

"After he (the perpetrator-red) threatened them, my colleague took out a gun and shot him in the leg," Muller added.

Added Mullers that the perpetrator was taken to a local hospital after being shot. No further known conditions of the perpetrators at this time.

"The perpetrator of this incident is a 29-year-old man from The Hague, who has been known by police regarding a number of previous violent incidents," local police said via Twitter.

The shooting sparked panic at the Schiphol Airport plaza, which many become the location of restaurants and shops crowded visitors. One of the workers at the airport fast-food restaurant called himself seeing a man 'swinging a knife' before hearing a gunshot.

"What a terrible thing, to see him swing a knife," said the restaurant worker who declined to be named.

this incident occurred, people were evacuated from the airport plaza area. Airport Plaza which was temporarily closed, finally opened again. No flight schedule changes due to this incident.

The motive for the attack is not known for sure. "The perpetrator looks like a confused person, our investigator is still at the scene to find out exactly what the perpetrator's motive is," Muller said.

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